Thursday, February 23, 2012


The boys napping, I love how Chunk has his body in the shape of my bag he is on.

While I was making room to bring in my new 6 X 4 canvas, I had to put things away and even make new spots from recent projects. The first shelf photo I found a painting tucked in there :  ) Behind this cabinet are several large paintings on wood, this shelf thing holds so much! 
Here is the new big one
I've never done a canvas bigger then me...I love it! 

Here are four 9X9 canvases I'm doing for my friend Suzanne's birthday
then at the end is one of my art books to put any left overs in there.
While on the ladder I decided to take a photo of the upper shelf
all my Tasha's, Jane's & Hannah's paintings 

The snow is back!
been missing it this year

 I think I'm done with the doodle painting

Hope you're having a sweet day 

Friday, February 17, 2012

End of the week

 Here are my stretcher bars
 The tools I used 
Stretchers, canvas, stapler & rubber mallet 
And wala!
 After a good hour I finally managed to cover the stretchers with canvas! What a job. Will do it again though, the price to do it myself is so much less then buying one this size already stretched. 
After seeing so many people doodling I decided to give it a try
 and then started painting it in

The Story of A Beautiful Girl...I recieved this in the mail this week from my mother in law
Have a great weekend
Lisa D.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I also love the love in this very silly family photo

Not sure what the year was that this was taken
I love how everyone has their own look
So silly we are

Happy Valentines Day

 I knew I wanted to do a blog post today, but had no idea about what, then I found these photos from my sisters wedding 3 yrs ago.
 I love this photo of Zackery and I
 after these 2 shots, he more
 and its my favorite of all indicates he does love me.

and then there is me :  )
Me dancing with Pinky!
I look pretty stiff and Pinky might be giving me the evil eye
Usually my arms are whaling way above my head!

This morning I received lovely cards 
and lots of dark chocolate...they know what I like  :  )
I gave Hannah the curling iron she wanted...her first!
Because Mike once told me he preferred hand written cards, I stopped buying him cards, but then kinda stopped celebrating things too, so I needed to think quick and wrote him a letter. Thanking him and appreciating him, telling him how my love for him was a deep red with swirls of lava orange.
My house for the most part is filled with hearts and love every day of the year.

Love to you 
Lisa D.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mondays mood is a little somber

I painted this in my personal art book today
 while I watched Iron Jawed Angels
 Hannah and her team playing basketball this weekend

Hope to get a little sunshine today

Lisa D.

Friday, February 10, 2012

3X4 abstract a cat and a video

 I haven't worked on my painting in a few days. I'm waiting on some stabilo pencils to arrive.
 I kept trying to make the ground portion of this painting like earth and it just kept coming back looking like mud. I decided I to put down some paper bag art on top of the ground to look more like a field or grass.

 I like this much more. I plan on doing something very different for me with this painting...Cant wait for you to see and I am still filming myself as I go.
 Chunk always wanting to be right in the center of it all
 When I don't get to spend a full day in my art room, I work on these little art books
I need to work on centering the camera and what I'm filming...practice makes progress

Have a great weekend
We have Hannah's home tournament this weekend

Lisa D.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Abstract art

Just a small portion of my work table 
 All these brushes in this little tin cup
First I covered this canvas in left over holiday tissue paper, then threw some white paint on it 
I keep seeing a landscape, so I went with it.
Close up
Until yesterday afternoon I wasn't sure if the sky was orange or blue
Then I went outside and took some photos of the sky
Then I went back in and made my decision 
close up

I'm home alone for a few hours today
Maybe I'll see whats under the sky
Can't wait to finish and see how the video turns out.

Have a great day
Lisa D.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Which way is up?

 Is the sky blue or the grass green?

Is the ground brown or is the ground green?
Is the sky white or blue?