Monday, April 25, 2011

The sun wants to come out

While preparing for the summer and fall shows has been taking all my waking hours that aren't being taken by family members. I so often find articles about making time for art in your life, I need a book on how to allow other things in your life when art is an every day thing.
I am Hannah's mother, an artist and Mikes partner.
 I painted six paintings using the same colors, here are 3 of them.
Chunk, not understanding why he cant go out with the dogs.
 On one of trips to AZ to spend an art filled week with my friend Dawn, I picked up 2 sets of the 7 gypsies house shape sets. I love them, but have yet to find a way to make them stand.

Here are a few things I made during Earth day
 I took some paper bags, threw some paint on them and proceeded to make art with them

 This is my favorite so far.
The only Easter photo. Zack and our minister Dan Dale
They look so great!
Hope you had a good weekend.
I have creative energy coming out of my ears!
Have a great day!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arting Arting Arting Arting Arting and being silly silly silly!

 The silliness that goes on here sometimes is pretty silly!
 My Hannah Grace with the sassy face turned 16 this weekend.
Here she is with our god daughter Abby.
 Lady cat wants everyone and their mother to leave!
 They are trying to break into the studio!
The round robin I mentioned a few posts back is well on its way and moving quickly!
Just by chance while my mother in law was in town we managed to get all the canvases in one spot!

Here is our boy Chunk, he has brought me his mouse and I think he wants me to stop painting and play with him.
 I'm taking part in Jane's on line class, papers and portraits and this is what I've done so far.
This canvas is from the last post about the church painting.
 I also did this last week
Hope you are all well
Lisa D.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My favorite nephew is here with us this week.

We have a busy week ahead of us and I still don't have my video issues resolved. Calvin said he might be able to help me  :  )  If nothing else he has been able to capture the studio from his eye level that will be added to my ever evolving video. Today he & I are alone together, while uncle Mike works and Hannah's at school. He requested to stay in, play video games and do art. We will be picking Hannah up from school and then going over and getting Eleanor from school. I'm sure they will want 7/11

I want to give a big double hand wave out to my church family :  ) 
Thank you for taking the time to touch base with me yesterday.
While at church yesterday I picked up a painting that I had left there three yrs ago. Three years ago I was invited to hang a piece of art in the sanctuary and this painting on your right was what I painted, well once they put it on this ginormous wall, this 3x4ft painting was dwarfed, so I went back home and Suzanne & I met at Dick Blicks and she was able to put the 5 footer on her van, so this one I forgot about I guess.
The tree on your left I painted last week
I love to see things from the past to see where I may have grown.
Here I see my backgrounds have changed dramatically, I don't use iridescent as much as I use to I also see more of a freer tree then the one from 2008
My plan is to either paint the tree turquoise or cover it completely.

 I love this shot of us a few weeks ago
Saturday my girl turns 16
Have a great week