Monday, April 26, 2010


Yesterday our day started early with having to get Hannah to church by 9am
After we dropped Hannah off and found a place to park we ran into our friend Suzanne who joined us for a cup of coffee.
I love this : ) Why doesn't Starbucks do this?
While waiting for church to start I saw this poster in the church dining room
Affirmation celebration

Hannah & her mentor

Whats on the table today...clean table I might add : )

In the back behind all the blocks is a stack of cut wood...makes me smile and know that the possibilities are endless!
Have a great day

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few more layers and the boys in the house

Here we are with the wood blocks...I love to paint on wood : ) Unless the piece is as large as me : ) Mr. PeJoe
Mr. PeJoe has been having issues with gaining weight and is now on medication for thyroid. Any ideas on how to fatten him up a bit?
Oreo Bandeto
He has truly found a place in the house.

We'll see what I do with these today : )

Thank you all for always making me smile.
I'm pretty lucky
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel like the last 3 weeks have been none stop stuff and then throw in there trying to transition back into making art again! ahhhh
Below are a couple photos of what I'll be working on this week. I love lots of layers and here is the first layer. Just kinda doodled with some paint pens. I like to work all the time so 10 blocks is a good start to the week : ) even though I'm a day late, which is fine...I'll stay up late tonight : )
Ebay is going well : ) People are buying my paintings! I love that! Although letting my little block paintings go sometimes is hard. If I have spent the day holding that wood block, painting on it, my thoughts that I had that day become part of that block of wood. My mother in law said to keep at it and my friend Anke advised the same, so I will continue for a bit and see where it all goes : )
I had the pleasure of traveling to Paris for a week about 3 years ago and when I returned I painted this : ) In the full painting she is waving her flag in excitement from her travels : )

Have a good day and I'll try to photograph the next few layers : )
Lisa D.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Granny left back for Atlanta yesterday
Miss her already.
Thought I'd share a corner or two of the art room
Always something going on in here : )
and always welcoming to visitors who want to do some art.
I have several paintings on ebay right now for low prices : )

Have a great weekend

Lisa D.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My girl turned 15 and Granny came for a week long visit

Hannah celebrated turning 15 at least 4 or 5 times starting 3 days before her birthday even arrived : )my silly girl!
I finally got some things listed on ebay : )

Granny is here for just a few more days.
Have a great week

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Mr. Ellis great pose
Silly bird
Char and Aunt Lisa being mean

My sweet niece

Three of my Dalke men

Zack played & Jill sang...what a lovely treat.
Hannah & I
at the zoo As always Hannah & John have gone with the same color scheme
I hope you have enjoyed the update. Now I must paint and maybe journal some.
Have a great day
Lisa D.

My sister came to town sister...and lil Eleanor

Our mother remarried about 3 years ago to a man we all adore, Roger. Well Rogers uncle passed away last week which is why my sister flew in from Texas, Zackery was home for Easter break and El was here because it was good Friday and mom had to work.
We spent time at the park, played music, did a little dance, broke a hammock and ate pizza for dinner. I'd like to think Uncle Charlie was glad that we had such a fun out of the ordinary day in memory of him.
Lisa D.

Spring break in Atlanta

Always a challenge for me to get back into routine after being away House Rules This is the book I picked up while waiting to board our plane to Atlanta.
Once I realized this story was about a family with a mental health issue of aspergers syndrome I knew this would be my new book. Because we have mental health issues in our home with my daughters special needs I'm always intrigued by others and how they get through things. So far so good : )
Hannah & her cousin Char
Hannah is wearing a shirt from her cousins school that her uncle bought her for her birthday and char is wearing Hannah's AG sweatshirt : )
How fun to have cousins

Me and 2 of my girls : )

Granny with the kids : )
Little stinkers
This is a painting that uncle Dan asked for
3 feet by 4
Dan is a fisherman
Mike drew the boat
and helped fix those crazy waves I put in there
The hands belong to everyone that was in the house at the time.
Chars idea to have the hands cradling the boat with her Dad inside. Granny was making transparencies after I left of Dan for inside the boat. Calvin still needs to go in a finish the flag.
I am so proud to have been a part of this collaboration.
Thanks everyone for the good wishes in my last post
Lisa D.