Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackson Pollock Canvas

I called this my Jackson Pollock canvas because of the size at first


then I found myself drawn to very wet drippy paint, while studying him

this piece is usually hung in the living room
Mike helped me last night take it down so I could work some more on it.
while I was painting on it, Hannah walked in and saw me standing there with a wet brush in my hand watching the drips,
Hannah said STOP mom...let it
 such a rare occasion for Hannah to comment on my work

 So funny...this Chunk & Coco! They love to sit and watch me do these swirls...2 of my art buddies
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Were you assigned a muse?

Ya know I was never assigned a muse
and when I get down and have a hard time creating 
I look to all the on line art classes out there

 This time I took another one of 
painting classes
 Always good to switch it up a bit

Off to open house at Hannah's school

Lisa D.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lee Krasner...My new hero

 I do my best to study an artist from the past and this year I picked Jackson Pollock
 I wasn't really looking to master his work, but to see how he worked
Once into his bio and his art work, I realized what a recluse he was.

While I was entering Pollocks world, 
I found Lee Krasner and decided she would be who I studied this year :  )
I'm really enjoying it

Not that you can tell by this photo
but I spent a day cleaning that table!
the one in the back
I needed a change in my paints arrangement
 my tools

I realized the other day that Mike & I have been working from home with each other almost six years! 
There was a time when it was just me and the kids and the animals and Mike left for the day

 I felt like I needed or was lacking some sort of privacy at times in the art room
there are french doors on the other side of that wall
but those make it feel very closed from the inside and very dark on the other side
so I got this ikea wire thing 
Mike installed it
Now I will be on the hunt for a curtain of sorts

 This portraits been hanging around for a few years now 
and this weekend I decided to play around with her


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Labor Day weekend

Mr. Pe Joe is always ready to go for a ride in the car 
 Being at the cottage brings you right back into nature

 Hannah & Karla
 Puzzle fun
 Scrabble craziness!
I brought this with me to do a little doodling on while I was away

 I'm always like...Hey Mike...lets take a picture of us standing here
and they always seem to come out like this!
at least you know I'm smiling :  )

Lisa D.