Monday, February 6, 2012

Abstract art

Just a small portion of my work table 
 All these brushes in this little tin cup
First I covered this canvas in left over holiday tissue paper, then threw some white paint on it 
I keep seeing a landscape, so I went with it.
Close up
Until yesterday afternoon I wasn't sure if the sky was orange or blue
Then I went outside and took some photos of the sky
Then I went back in and made my decision 
close up

I'm home alone for a few hours today
Maybe I'll see whats under the sky
Can't wait to finish and see how the video turns out.

Have a great day
Lisa D.


Anke Martin said...

I enjoyed seeing your process....all I say is LAYERS- makes every art sooooo interesting, enjoy creating alone!
Smiles, Anke :)

Jenny said...

I am very interested to see how this evolves. My paintings always have about 10 layers of colors and papers before the end shows up!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Anke & Jenny,

Yes...layers layers layers!

artangel said...

Gorgeous painting - love the rich colours and textures :)

Lisa D. said...

Thanks, Artangel : ) I just seem to have this passion for color.

Phoenix Peacock said...

love the tissue paper effect! layers always add so much interest to an already fantastic painting

Connie Mercer said...

love the layers~I paint{folk art} not to much these days. I love your header on your blog ~very inspiring and so is your work. Thanks for visiting me today, anytime!!!

Ophelia said...

Your photos are so inspiring!!! I love your work! I love all the layers, and your colors are just so incredible! What a fantastic painting!!! I, one day, will have some courage to attack a canvas! Love it!!