Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaving for Texas in 2 days with Granny!

I was feeling poor and desperate for white canvas and found myself at Hobby Lobby buying their 16x20 2 for one special
 so I keep covering them
this tree was inspired by a postcard that came in the mail

These guys are still trying to figure out whats going on

 Not much change with this one
I have faith
I know something will emerge one day

 In my last post I posted about my $2. canvas print from the thrift store
well this is what I did to it today

 12x12 I'm working on for a trade this weekend

Granny & I leave early Friday morning for Paint Mojo in Texas with Tracy Verdugo

Can't wait to see how we are inspired!

Have a great weekend

Lisa D.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The happenings around here

I decided to try one of my flowers on this gritty texture
not sure how I feel about it
 My latest tree
why always the tree?
I'm not sure if I like the blue
 Mr. PeJoe with a bone
This painting left yesterday for its new home
I'll miss it
I always miss them

Found this last night at the thrift for a buck ninety nine!
Can't wait to paint over this 20x20

I just received  a commission for a 30x30 +plus+ a 4 x 5 foot
I can't tell you how astatic I am!

As a child I knew I'd be a wife and a mother and work with special needs kids
Well I became a wife and a mother and gave birth to a special needs kid
Kind of funny...I think I may have known about Hannah before she was even born. point being

I never thought about what I would do with my adult life, other then be a mother and a wife
I never thought about being a teacher or a doctor
then all of a sudden, my kids were growing up and less dependent on me
and I dove head, hands and heart first into painting and creating 

It has taken me 10 years to get to where I am today as an artist
I had no expectations...I just followed what has become my passion

nothing happened over night
I'm so excited to be where I am

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Old and New

I pulled out a bunch of old beginning paintings from  2004
 So fun to see them and see how I'm painting now verses then
 My easel is about filled to the brim with on going canvases 
 Lately I feel like I have so much to give out and never enough time
 so I generally fall asleep around 8 and get right back up sometime between 4 and 5am
 so I can get right back to it
 Sometimes, because I'm crazy I will join a swap of sorts 
I think something is calling for direction and these little swaps can give my brain a rest from thinking about all those canvases calling for my attention
 this happens to be a deck of cards swap, which requires paper and adhesive and very little paint 
so I've had to set up a section for this particular project
windy city tree

 Lisa D.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A weekend at our house

Zack wanted to have a tie dye party and I wanted to have a gallery night
 So we decided to put them together and have a double party going on
 There were many articles of clothing being dyed
 Lots of socializing going on

 Mike, Tony, Steven and little Steven 
Steven is holding the painting he bought
 There is some sort of enjoyment Mike & I get from having gobs of people at our house

My canvases are blank

Lets see what this week brings me

Lisa D.