Friday, May 17, 2013

Not enough hours in the day

Life has been keeping me busy! and blogging has taken a backseat.
I try to think about what to write here and I get a flood of thoughts with emotions and it just feels like too much. So here are some photos of whats been keeping me busy. 

I havent done a self-portrait in a long time...when I look at past portraits, they always have this look. I'm not sure why, hidden emotion escaping maybe

I spent some time in Texas with my sister and an artist friend Cathy
I had such a great time with you Cathy!
 Such a beautiful area...I know Keiki loves it!
 My sister accomplished her goal with her marathons
She has like 15 medals!
love her

 I wake to paint

 Our Hannah turned 18 while no one was looking!
 These two photos remind me how grateful to be

36x36 copper tree

my latest commission

Our super duper bestest artist friend cat a family could have passed away in March...Below is our newest addition Ton Jones who is 14 weeks old now and definitely helped fill the hole that was made after loosing our much loved Chunk

Hannah Grace graduating
So proud of her and who she is!

An early morning coffee with my man Mike

 I hope all you followers are doing well

big hug
Lisa D.