Friday, February 3, 2012

Which way is up?

 Is the sky blue or the grass green?

Is the ground brown or is the ground green?
Is the sky white or blue?


Anke Martin said...

Mmmhhh...good questions.....I guess that depends if you can see colors - luckily we can do as human beings.

Great art, smiles, Anke :)

Lisa D. said...

We'll see what comes of it.

Diane said...

This is what makes art fun--there's no wrong answer.
You inspire me with your large subsbrates (yes even a 20 x 20 sounds so BIG to me)
One of my goals this year is to make a really big canvas--how do you start one???

Lisa D. said...

Diane, I'm actually doing a video on this large piece while I'm doing it : ) you will enjoy seeing how I start these big ones, although thinking about it...its kind of the same for me with small ones also.
I hope by Friday I'll have the painting and the video done.

Have a great weekend!