Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lots going on here

 Whats on my large easel this week
 I'm always drawn to the trees

 so is Chunk
 trying to figure out where to go next with this one
 These are 2 canvases 6X12 
my god daughter did one side and I did the other 
she took one home and I kept the other
Granny was out yesterday and we played around with backgrounds all day

 The top 3 are mine and the bottom 1 is Grannys

Have a great day!
Lisa D.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My other pallet

 I love this photo I took of myself this weekend  
Thank you Granny for my lovely parasol 

My newest and smallest we needed another!
 I think the color of these four o'clocks remind me of my own flowers
I love that!

The lady in the garden is a gift from my friend Suzanne
for being with her in VT while her father passed
I love her 

I hope your day goes well
I'm off to paint and see what today brings

Lisa D.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photos from the fest 2012

Photos taken this weekend

I know it must be overwhelming for some people to walk into my tent 
but gosh I love it!
 Now I'm trying to fit it all back it the house 
but there are several that didn't make it back home 
I know they need to go out into the world 
but we spent time together through many thoughts
 Two lovely ladies and a baby 
I really enjoyed this sale 
This weekend I realized 
when you see one of these paintings and are moved in some way by it 
then you always will be moved by it
 I love that people are drawn to the colors, the movement 
I especially enjoyed all the conversations I had with people

Thank you everyone that come by

Lisa D.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Working on small ones this week

 I have about nine 20x16s that have been getting prepped for this weekend

 Smallest curly tree I've made in years!

 Love a layer of spray paint
If you're in the Chicago area this weekend
come check out the fest
Lisa D.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My plans for next weekend

This is where I'll be spending my weekend!
in booth 116 on Morse ave.
Pretty excited to show off some of my new stuff!

Lisa D.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Its funny how a canvas can go about.
as soon as I started painting this red and orange flower, I knew it wouldn't work, but it felt so good to spread that red and orange onto the canvas with a big brush  :  )
I can accept when something isnt working and unfortunately that flower wasnt working
so I went at it with covering it up
cover up what isnt working is my motoe
I started to see a tree and went with it
I made a mix of my brown
 The background is kind of rich with color and the brown was not working!
 So I went to gold and I love it!
 Hope to have it finished by morning so I can start my week off preparing for this Saturdays fest in Glenwood!
Hope your weekend was a good one

Lisa D.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The things I've been doing

I havent painted a curly tree in well over a year
 I'm not fond of the background colors...but thats ok 
I'll finish it up before The Glenwood Fest
August 18
 Some canvases can be difficult to work on because of their size and shape 
like this one below
 plus I just finished the tree and because I had the house alone, I pushed it
 Hated it the next day and decided to paint another tree 
 This is just a sketch
At this point, its about 90% finished and will photo it later

 A 20x20 flower ... still working on the left side of this one
 A huge sky painting 
but no inspiration yet as to what will go on that canvas

Have a great day