Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas crafting

So far this has turned out to be a Tree crafting Chistmas
 I had been sick with some sort of consumption 
and spent two days cutting out circles to make this tree
then I saw the idea to sew a tree
 When we first moved to our home (13yrs ago) we had just lost Jake
This new home was on an acre of land
I made a memorial garden/flower bed for Jake
When we lost my brother in law last summer
I felt Jakes garden needed to be able to hold many memorials
the photo below shows the star fish Char & I picked out for Dan
Hasn't made it to the garden yet
I kind of like seeing it daily
Remember these from 2 wks ago?

 They have evolved
 These are Debbies
shes so good!
 Here are many of them
 Hard to photograph because of their size
 We sure had fun making them

I rarely work with clay
my hands aren't good at molding it
but I surely enjoyed all the company
I'm ready to mail off my swirl commission tomorrow
I'll miss it
The longer it takes to work on something
The more attached I am to it

Wednesday, Stephy, Zacks girlfriend will be over to make some trees with me
and then I'm done with crafting!
for this this year

I will start my next commission next week!

Have a great day!

Lisa D.