Sunday, June 24, 2012

June has proven to be just as busy as March

Here I am at the second day of the Custer Street Fair
On Saturday the temps were near 100 degrees!
We were hot!
When I rented my 10x10 booth space
I never thought about how my paintings were going to fit in there
just assumed all would fit without any issues
But when you entered the tent, it was as though you stepped into a space filled with color!
My colors
my flowers
was wonderful
For Christmas, my mother in law gave me this parasol
If people weren't commenting on the paintings, they were commenting on this fabulous parasol!
there were occasions when I was outside of the tent and people seemed to know I was the artist
Thanks to this parasol
Thanks to this parasol for keeping my skin unexposed to that hot hot sun!
Thank you Granny :  )
Mike was with me the whole time
He helped with the set up and sales and the credit card machine
He brought me italian ice, lemonades, lunch
Yesterday (sat) was Mikes and my 19th wedding anniversary!
We have a tendency to forget dates like these, not sure why, they just seem to creep up on us
I asked Mike why he thought?
and his reply was so resonating for me...
...Mike said that we live our life as if it was a celebration every day
I loved that!
Theres Chunk sitting amongst the paintings while we unloaded the van
When we came home from the fair, there was a POD in the driveway that was delivered to us from Atlanta
Filled with what we all felt we should keep from Dans house
We spent the week unloading this pod into various spaces and places
My in laws are now moved back here
This will be the first week with no guests
except Larry the beagle
His family is vacationing and he always requests to stay at our house
says the treats are good here
plus an acher of fenced in back yard to run in!

I sold nine paintings three of them were my large ones
I've gathered all my supplies to get started on replacing those nine
I still have my hanging at the Glenwood
and another artist fair in August.

Treat today as if it were a day to celebrate
Big hug to you all
Thank you for all your support

Lisa D.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One great week!

 Navy Pier

 Shed Aquarium
 Hotel pool
Back at the house of freedom

Now I have to run and finish getting ready for the Custer Fair
So much still to do!
Have a great weekend
come out and see my if you find yourself in Evanston IL
Saturday or Sunday

Lisa D.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day one at house of freedom

 The kids arrived today! YaY! If I sit back and think about it...I think how lucky Cal & Char & Lisa & Mike & Zack & Hannah & PeJoe & Lady Cat & Mr. Cooper & Chunk and Little Coco Chanel West are! we all seem to fall right into place while together :  )  I've always loved these children right from the start, but now near a year since their Dads death, I know them being able to be with us as often as they are is a true gift. Even if they had just arrived 45 mins ago and Cal has already reached his curse word limit for the day!
The girls & I went to the Jewel and spent $180. on junk food! We came home to sit and chat play some online games figure out how we can all skyp together when they go back home. Cal went for a bike ride

 I joined him and we rode to our playground
 Then Hannah wanted to go for a ride too

 Hannah on the phone with Granny, who will be driving home from Atlanta early tomorrow morning
 and our much loved char char binx
 Cal waiting for smores to start
Custer Fair is the day after the kids leave
so now only small stuff can get produced
3 tamborines 
 A small 8X10
I'll do my best to keep a daily log of our events!

Thanks for always checking in!

Lisa D.