Thursday, August 20, 2009

A day in the life of mine

Here are a few pieces of mail art I sent out as thank yous to Vermont yesterday.
The first one is for our retired minister (backside)
One in the middle is for Suzanne (opened)
The one on the end is for Eloise, ministers wife (backside)
Front sides
This morning I dropped Hannah off to her first day of high school, Zackery left for his second year of college : ) and even my next door neighbors are moving today.
The light is very grey today with rain.
I hope Hannah finds all her classes with ease.
That Zackery has sunshine and welcoming friends when he arrives to school.
I will walk around the house and miss my kids.
I still have more thank yous to do, maybe something will come to me.
Have a good day
Lisa D.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The summer of 2009

August 2009
So much time has past since my last post and so many things have taken place.
I met this girl Dawn last Aug/Sept and when she came across this artist retreat called Art Unraveled she passed the info on to me and I decided it was time I took some time to be away from home and do some art with other artists.
My work table since I've been home
The top of my table that I refer to as my desk

On one of the days I wasn't somewhere doing art, Dawn took me to the Phoenix Art Museum

To see more photos of my trip to AZ check out Dawns blog
Her photos and ability to keep track of all we did is pretty amazing.
Thank you Dawn
July 2009
While we had Mikes brother and his two children for a week at our house, one of the first things we did was go to a family run circus : ) was a lot a fun and a good way to start off our silly week.
A quick pose with Auntie Lisa
Playing a little ball

Couple of girls in the much loved hammock

Always a favorite...The tramp as its been named

Cousin Cal showing cousin Zack some cords

Uncle Dan doing some painting. That little Char Char Binx can get that Daddy to do just about anything.
Granny working on a portrait of Char while Cal & El work on paintings with Abbs in the back trying to decide on a color.

A day at the pool

What fun we all had

Zacks band "Haleys Comet"
Youtube them...I'm told it does something when we have to search for it on Youtube
Something with a generator or something : )
My guy...gosh a few more weeks and my guy is going to 20!

June 2009
The last several weeks have just flown by!
Here we are in Vermont (these went in backwards)
Here we are on our way home from VT with our new found kitty in the way back seat.
We had to get a group shot before we headed back home

Little Oreo Kitty

Forgot to take scenic photos ... so here is one out the car window

The 2 crazies that decided to drive 18+ hours
: )

A day spent at Great America
Girls on the high swings at Great America

Hannah & I trying to win a prize

Having a stand at the garage sale, raising money for the children's center at Lutheran General

was raised!
Way to go girls!
I know this was a terribly long post, but felt I needed to get it all in before summer ran out on me : ) June was a great month for Hannah & I
July was a fantastic month for Mike and all the kids in our life
August in Arizona ... LoL was warm I do have to say though...I was not too bothered by the heat, the art kept my attention.
Hope your summer is going well. School starts Thursday here for us, so I know my day time arting hours will be back soon.
Hugs to you all
Lisa D.