Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My workspace and a little emotion

Sometime in the beginning of January I signed up for two on line art journal classes
and have been art journaling it up! : )
It is kinda funny ... I'm finding that they are blending into one My workspace is crazy right now...although if you asked anyone that lives here with me if it looks crazy or normal...they'd say normal : )
I felt the need to document this.
Right around the holidays Hannah had asked me if there might be a doctor out there who could help her with her legs with her walking and running and the muscle cramps she often experiences. We investigated and found a bone surgeon who could answer Hannah questions. This past Monday we met with a wonderful doctor who said to Hannah...ABSOLUTELY we can help you! I had been preparing Hannah to hear no that this is just who you are and how your body works.
Almost fifteen years ago when Hannah was born one of her diagnosis's was cerebral palsy and we were told she would be wheel chair bound. After crying it out for a bit I decided Hannah & I were going to do our best to beat this cp! and here we are almost fifteen years later. I feel proud of myself for helping Hannah develop as well as she has so far and that I've also raised her to know she can speak up and ask for what she wants and needs.
Hope the sun is shinning in your neighborhood today
Lisa D.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guitar commission

The guitar painting that was suppose to leave around Thanksgiving ended up taking me a little longer and left this past Sunday. Missing it already

Thursday, January 7, 2010

There are so few things to worry about when wearing bibs

thought I would post some photos of me while the light was so wintry white...and then I thought I could also share some of the benefits to being a wearer of the Bibs : )

First off let me tell you a few things about the day...We woke to snow outside and today was a day that I would be driving my girl to school because of a late start.
I saw yesterdays bibs laying on the floor by my bathroom door and decided to grab a long sleeve shirt and some clean undies along with some high knee high socks to keep me warm today. I told myself it was ok to not shower, just go find a hat : ) and some boots.

I grabbed this mirror that Ive been trying to get Hannah to put in her room and decided to try using my camera with it.


I love this photo of my Tilly Mae (Matilda Rae) She is named after my father in law Ray ... She is the naughtiest animal we have ever owned...although when I think about it...all of us females in this house are kind of naughty in their own way!
Silly Silly

Back to the benefits : )

All hats look great with bibs even orange sweaters and mint green boots work

No bra required : )

Thought I could even show you my Calvins : )

Have a great day : )
Lisa D.
P.S. when I stepped back and re looked at the first photo...all the colors I'm wearing are in that painting behind me. Gosh thats kinda funny

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some pages from Decembers journal

Some pages from Decembers journal
These 2 pages are the first two in the journal...I think its funny how my first two and last two usually have very little written on them.
I don't do new year resolutions, but I do like to sit back and see where I am and where I may want to be headed. For seven years now I've been home spending my time creating art. No rules to follow, no expectations of me, just do as I want. Well now I feel like maybe I need some goals or something.

After going for a few months with zero income....Mike has been working for the new company now for over a month and I was comfortable to go buy Hannah some boots and a much needed pair of shoes (none clog) for myself.
I felt like a queen and ever so grateful for my king.

16 years! WoW!

When I saw this picture of the girl walking with all this on top of her head I thought about my Hannah Grace learning to navigate the world. An irregular girl fitting into a regular world.

I've started building my next journal and then I received a call from my Mother in law who is still in Atlanta helping my brother in law who is fighting Multiple Myaloma. I am full of sadness for my family, my brother in law, his parents and my niece and nephew. I love them all dearly.

Happy New Year to you
Looking forward to letting you all know what 2010 has in store for Mrs. Lisa D.
Happy Day to you