Saturday, April 28, 2012


This August we will have been living out here in the burbs of Chicago for 13 years!
When we bought the house, the house was all white!
but let me remind you, I wasn't an artist yet :  ) 

When I decided I wanted stripes in the dining room, I should have known something was stirring on the art side of my brain

 So here we are now at least 10 years into these yellow stripes and its time for a change
I know these stripes will be missed by many. 
The dining room is the room you walk through before entering the art room
the dining room is a room of many gatherings and photo shootings.
Mr. Pe Joe with Ms. Coco 
 While clearing out the dining room I found one of my many art blocks that I have collected throughout my early art entering. 
I remember this painting being for sale on Ebay by one of my all time favorite artists and wanting it so badly and finally winning it.
Made me feel all warm inside :  )  I sure could use a new little art from my purple potato lady friend.
Have a great weekend. Besides helping Mike with dining room stuff, I plan on starting to cover me new stretched canvases I got yesterday.

Enjoy the day!
Lisa D.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Aril 24, 1999

13 years ago tomorrow, my son Jake was born
 my brown boy is what I first thought when I saw him. 

He was only with us for a few weeks, 
when we unplugged the ventilator, we new we would only have a few more hours with him, 
possibly a day.
 He lasted until the evening.
 I was 31

If I even ever had any religion, it was forever changed thirteen years ago. 

When I was six, the most important person in my life left me, 
then six months later another important person left me, 
and my life was forever changed.

I guess my thoughts on today, the day before Jakes birthday 

go into the world every day as if it were your last, love every day as if it were your last

you are in charge of your choices

Lisa D.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I can't get to the blogs I follow?????

My studio is a good size with plenty of windows and nice light
but when you are working on these jumbo gets crowded 
and I'm a sloppy painter, so I need to somehow protect other painted canvases from possibly getting splattered on.
 so I spent the day moving paintings around the house
I have a few spots that are 4 or 5 canvases deep...big

I told Mike the other day..there was too much art in this house!
I'm feeling like its every where 
 and the next day I'm telling him that I'm in need of a big blank canvas to slosh paint around with an artist.
 this doodle painting above is almost done.
I find when painting these smaller canvases, my arms get real tight
and when I paint big canvases, like this one below, my body is more comfortable.
This year I set out to make some changes with my art
four changes
1. learn to work with a different color palette
2. force myself to learn shading
3. not to paint a swirl branched tree
4. alter my usual looking flowers
Out of the four goals so far, I've accomplished one, and the photo below is a tree that I like enough and its branches are not swirls. 
I did make myself try a new color palate, but it bored me. I did learn things from that challenge though.
Shading continues to be a down fall for me, but I don't really care.
My flowers have changed some.
its all about evolving  

one last thing...I can't seem to get to the blogs I follow any more
is anyone else having this problem
and is there a button I'm not seeing?

Have a great weekend
Thanks for listening
Lisa D.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

21 days past due

Seventeen years ago today
 I had my Hannah Grace.

 At first sight, she gave me a fright
She had bruises on her face, her arms,
felt like they were all over the place.

I entered ICU
to see you
the iv 
in place
just above your face

I knew 
we would be challenged 
and we both moved with a force pace

They told me you would come home with the ventilator,
I said come again later
we were going to beat that ventilator 

They told me she would be wheelchair bound

21 days past due
Hannah came home with us
still bruised, still having seizures
still not knowing what to think
but I had some ideas of what to do

work work work
I learned all I needed about CP
we did physical therapy 
 many hrs a day
we sang, we read
we gave love, hugs and stimulation

I am a woman of passion 
Doing everything within my power
to raise Hannah to be to be as self sufficient as possible

Today my Hannah Grace
over six thousand days since we started this journey
 Hannah with 2 of her friends from wheelchair basketball
 Hannah getting her end of the year award

 Hannah &  cousin Cal

As you can see, my Hannah Grace is doing very well
beating the major odds that were against her
She has her struggles
 as I tell her
most people do have struggles
even I have struggles
 its all about how we look at those struggles

For a girl that was born with severe scattered brain damage
She is simply remarkable

Lisa D.