Friday, February 17, 2012

End of the week

 Here are my stretcher bars
 The tools I used 
Stretchers, canvas, stapler & rubber mallet 
And wala!
 After a good hour I finally managed to cover the stretchers with canvas! What a job. Will do it again though, the price to do it myself is so much less then buying one this size already stretched. 
After seeing so many people doodling I decided to give it a try
 and then started painting it in

The Story of A Beautiful Girl...I recieved this in the mail this week from my mother in law
Have a great weekend
Lisa D.


barefoot muse said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for you generous comment on my blog. Your work is beautiful.

paula said...

i call your doodle art :)

Lisa D. said...

Hey Ladies! Thanks for those kind words!

Ophelia said...

Wow...what a giant canvas!! Your work looks fantastic Lisa!! Doodle it up!!!

Lisa D. said...

lol Ophelia! I'm doodle it up for sure...I'm now on my 3rd doodle : ) Not sure what I'm putting on the giant canvas yet....bitten my nails.

Anke Martin said...

HI Lisa, so streching your own canvas is cheaper? Well, I have to thing about that as well then....because those huges seize are for sure EXPENSIVE!

Thanks for sharing your expierence!

Lisa D. said...

Anke, this size canvas, I'm going to guess it would have cost me somewhere between $200. & $300. dollars, doing it this way, cost me about $50.

For smaller canvases I will probably continue to just purchase them already stretched, but for big ones! I'll do it.