Tuesday, January 20, 2015

These nine

Working on these nine

Not sure where this one is going

 I've been working on this one for probably 3 years!
It just won't tell me what it wants and each year I pull it out
and paint it exactly as I did the previous times!
what the F

16x20 Curly tree still in an early stage

20x20 I originally panted a mandala on this one
then hated how dark the background was.
Do over

This is a canvas I call a winter canvas
Every winter I bring it back into the studio and allow myself complete freedom and 
play play play
This year this lady appeared and then realized it had something to do with my sister being pregnant
and went with it
She's in the dining room for now so that I can work on what I'm creating for my 2015 art events


Ton Jones

Happy day to you

Lisa D.