Monday, August 19, 2013

Another great art fair at The Glenwood!

Because I only own a little Prius I usually rent a van for art fairs
This year I used a friends van!
She's been keeping it in my driveway since she bought a new one
How handy it was!
 I was in my usual spot on Morse

 My booth is always so colorful!

I sold several pieces
This yellow flower went to a fellow artist!
When this one sold, I felt sad for all those that have loved this one

Today I unloaded the van
vacuumed the house
and played with my attention deprived animals
Here is Mr. Cooper showing his climbing skills

Now I will spend my week finishing a commission that needs to get mailed out next week

Have a great day

Lisa D.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Just a bit of an update

 We had our Nephew Cal from Georgia here this past week
One of the projects we made together were 
Artist Trading Cards

 When the kids were off playing
I made some art blocks
This weekend I will be selling for my 3rd year in a row at the Glenwood Arts Fest

Have a great day!

Lisa D.