Monday, August 30, 2010

What makes success?

Over the last few weeks so many people have asked me about my two art shows and if they were a success of not. I have to say  I have never given this word so much thought as I have in these last weeks.
Below is a just started journal page with two stickers, one giving the definition of success
1.a favorable result
Yes, I do feel the results were favorable...lots of friends came to see my art hanging and I've been able to get public feedback about my art.
2.Gaining of wealth, fame and recognition
Wealth...I already had the wealth :  )
Fame? In certain circles
3.attaining one's aspirations

I just can see all my paintings hanging on those lovely walls at The Glenwood
and I know I have achieved what the second sticker reads...Victory

I have to say it wasn't easy stepping out of my comfort zone and letting my paintings be in public, but gosh how rewarding in the end.
I hope to spend this week getting reacquainted with my studio
Cleaning, dusting maybe even reorganize some
I plan on coming around to all my blog buddies and see how you all have been doing.

Have a great day

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One day until CREATE art retreat!

Hannah has left for school and while I was sitting here trying to answer emails I thought I would send you a wave from where I'm at.
I have no good photos of what I'm working on so I decided to photo this twist of yarn that Dawn gave to me while I was in AZ with her. It does look so much more inspiring in person. Hannah & I just love looking at it and touching it.  Next to it is a paper doll that I got from this vending machine with my friend Elena  :  ) Off to the other side is an old photo of Zack & hair is in a was a long time ago. Underneath all of this is a house shaped shadow box thing I got while shopping with Hannah & Char over the summer. I painted it with some light blue and have been having fun putting small things in it that I happen to pick up throughout the day  :  )

The photo above is one you all may have seen part of. Here is the finished painting.
My mother in law added the photos...which look great Granny! and some writing I think at the top of the boat. I love it! Can't wait to see it in person!

I plan to do a mock set up for tomorrows sale and will photograph it for you all to see.

Enjoy the day
Lisa D.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Bio at The Glenwood

Lisa Dalke Artist, Mother and Lover

My art is a reflection of who I am, at that very moment; what inexplicable force moves my hand in certain ways and which muse inspires me to create a piece of art from a vision or feeling I cannot let go. Always the rebel and never accepting the “norm”, I create what I feel with no mind towards what is acceptable in art or in life.

With no formal art education, I began this outsider’s journey into art after needing a creative outlet for feelings and emotions that stirred inside me. I read and studied artists from Alice Neel to Klimt, Pablo Picasso and Modigliani; sharing their passion and vision, they moved me to release what I saw and what I felt.

I sometimes doubt my artistic abilities, but never question how creating art makes me feel; alive! I enjoy working in different mediums; from acrylic paints to three-dimensional objects, from ink to cardboard, from glue to paper. Everything I see becomes a medium I must use.

I truly enjoy sharing my art with family and with friends, but especially those who I know need that release. My home has become the House of Freedom, as my impish nephew has termed it, where anything is possible and fun is around every corner. No rules, just what feels right. With a glass of red wine in hand, I love helping those that come to my art space looking to participate. It brings me joy to see the enthusiasm and passion I helped create.

Finally, I could have never been able to express myself without the life experiences that preceded my journey. Motherhood opens many emotional doors, some scary, most joyful. Having a lover who supports me in whatever I decide to do has been paramount; I feel free to express my needs and desires artistically and physically; never to be judged, merely accepted.

Art at The Glenwood

WoW    What a summer this has been! 
Every week we seemed to either have someone staying at our house or someone from this house needing to travel to someone elses house.
I was offered to hang my art at this wonderful place called The Glenwood. Was a great experience, thanks Joann & Renee

These photos are not the best, but do give you an idea of how it all looked  :  )
This was the first time I have ever shown my art like this. So many of these pieces are from years ago.
My two girls for the night

Hannah & Char :  )  They are standing by the painting that their Grandmother and I painted the night before :  )
Self portrait  2004
Our niece & nephew left Sunday  :  ( 
We had so much fun with them! Even on the days we never even left the house we still found fun. 
I love this photo below of Cal...this pic really proves that he never stops moving.  The mustache was added before leaving for the The Glenwood reception...once on our way, I looked in the backseat and saw an unshaven Calvin.
Before being invited to hang my art at The Glenwood I decided to do something different and instead of signing up for classes at this art retreat that was coming to town I would sell there!  LoL Lisa!  Then a week later The Glenwood called...So on top of the comings and goings here I've had to gather, scramble and create art for these events.
Next Friday August 27, 6 to 9 pm I will be at

My Zack left for his Junior year of college
Hannah will start her second year of high school next week
Next Friday 8~27 I will be at The Artist's Faire
Some time in September I want to have a late night back yard dinner party with the movie Chocolate in mind.
Have a great day

Lisa D.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gallery Showing 2010

I know I've been away too long  :  /   When I said change was coming this year for me...I had no idea what that really ment...just decided to go with it. Well here I am the day before my first "Public Show"
I've been crazy busy with preparing  for this day. We have our niece and nephew with us this week. What great memories we will all share.  I'll be back as soon as I can.   Happy summer to you all.

Lisa D.