Monday, December 26, 2011

Morning Glory Stained glass window

Here is my Morning Glory window
 A sweet gift from Michael
 Not only do I love stained glass I love Morning Glories 
and these are in oranges and yellows!

 Mike hung it for me this afternoon and I was able to watch the colors changed as the sun set

I love it!

Mother in Laws and Crabtree tins

Years ago when my mother in law retired, I began collecting tins, tins from the Crabtree & Evelyn company, a company that my mother in rept for so many years. Someday I may write a book about them. At this point, I'd like to think I own all of them and even some that were the demo for what the finished one would look like. I do not own any from recent years though. I use some, have a few packed away, I have given them to other family members who also find my mother in law important. Some how all my Crabtree tins have been a shrine of sorts to her for all she has done and who she is to each one of us. I have a 14 ft shelf above my work table in the art room where they are on display.
Here is my dilemma...For Christmas, Mike bought me a 6 ft morning glory stained glass window from this antique store that I had been eyeing for some time. The shelf along the wall also has 14 feet of window, I'm afraid the much loved light that comes through those windows would now become a bit too busy for my purifial vision. Did I mention my collection of Crabtree tins consists of anywhere between 45 & 50. 
Before Mike hangs the window I will climb up there and unfortunately dust and then maybe condense some of the tins, smaller into larger maybe.

I adore my mother in law and miss her living so close.

Since its already 7am I should go get started on that dusting...oh wait, I have to clean the work table so I can stand on it to reach this shelf...Its a good day for cleaning, I'll just keep reminding myself of that
...Thanks for thinking that through with me  ;  )

Lisa D.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

I usually start ending my year in September/October, ending my year of creating/painting. So here I am at the end of the real worlds calendar and I'm itching to paint with a large brush with lots of colors on a huge canvas! I spent a lot of time this year making paper bag art, using it in ways that I never would have imagined and I love it! In some ways it has allowed me to step back and see my passion for color. But its very time consuming, almost as though I've painted the canvas twice.  I'm excited to see what comes out this year :  ) Mike says he is done with my trees and to some degree, I agree, yet I sell them all the time, the outside world is not ready for me to be done. We'll see what comes of that. I'm also feeling a bit tired of painting flowers, don't get me wrong...moving that paint all around in the shape of flower petals...mmm doesn't get and better then that for me.

Christmas feels different this year, my kids feel somewhat grown. I know Hannah still loves it and enjoys the festivities, Zack on the other hand probably wishes he could sleep through and wake to gifts at his bedroom door. Oh well      I have Mike and he always everyday makes me in some way, feel special, as I do him. Takes work keeping it good  :  )

24 Hours from now we will be waking to see what Santa left, have a beautiful breakfast prepared by my Mr. D.  along with the delicious dinner he will then spend the day preparing and I'm going to make a t~shirt scarf inspired by the Sew Wild book
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

 Summer fun

Lisa D.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hills painting...Congratulations on that Masters Hillary Margret

Happy Holidays

I spent last week in Texas visiting my sister and what fun we had  :  )

She requested a painting, with Starry Night being my inspiration.
Here is what I created
Two 16X40 canvases
 Close up
 Its actually more blue then green and silver/pearl stars
Enjoy the day

Lisa D.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Super Star

With all the support I've  received this year from so many people, I feel like a Super Star.
Thank you, a big Thank you

This was my busiest year as an artist.
I hung my art in two different locations, I bravely set up a tent at a summer art festival & ended the year with two craft shows. 
I find it interesting that most of my sales are to people that know me or have rated with me. When strangers come up, I think they feel unsure of all that on my table. I think its a little similar to how people have reacted to me all my life, unsure, that is until they spend some time with me  :  )
Maybe that's how it is for you too.
I have had endless computer problems for well over a year now and because of my sweet man Mike and wonderful in laws, I am now the owner on a mac desk top with a 17" screen :  )
I'm so looking forward to learning all that I can about using this to help me along the way with my art.

I was also treated to a pair of Uggs  :  ) For a girl that has always been cold...they are the best for warmth!
Thanks to my friend DiNunzio, a year ago I started keeping my heat at 64 during the day, 62 at night and when guests were over 66. Over last winter I saw our heating bill go from near $300. down to $80.
Put a sweater on.

I'm off to Texas this week to see my sister Hillary graduate with her masters. I'm looking forward to seeing her new home along with spending some time with Hill and Paul. While I'm there I will be doing a painting for their bedroom :  )

I'm pretty much done with holiday shopping, I do my best to keep it simple.

Most of the photos from above are from years ago  

Have a great day!
Lisa D.