Thursday, February 26, 2009

After posting here yesterday my mother in law called and we chatted for a bit and then I went and made this page in my journal. (I don't give a lot of thought to my journal pages until I'm done and it always amazes me how they seem to come together) When I sit back and look at it now I see the girl representing Hannah, the peacock feathers I think may be her brain waves. The word sorry I think has something to do with her inability to actually feel bad/sorry for things she has done or said & I'm sorry that she has to go through life a little off from the norm. I am off to clean out closets today. I want to thank all of you that left me such kind comments.
If you only knew how nice it is to have seen your comments this morning, thanks Chris, Cathy, Lee & Anke

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A mother of a special needs child

Yesterday morning Hannah had trouble swallowing her pills. When she called me from school at 11.30 I wasn't surprised, she had been having gag issues the rest of the day. Uncommon is for her to be having issues swallowing pills~Common is for 1 small thing to throw her off for the entire day. So I left for school to get my girl and she spent the afternoon sleeping and seemed to be doing ok by evening.

This morning Hannah woke easily but moved slow, after her half bagel & cream cheese she told me she was too sick to go to school, I told her I thought she was fine enough to go to school, that this is her job and sometimes you have to go to work even if you don't feel 100% She then had this terrible temper tantrum saying mean hurtful things, throwing things around as well as her own body, but I knew I had to stay strong and make sure she got to school, we had 10 minutes at this point before the bus would arrive.

I also dropped my husband off to a work thing

Now I'm back home and find myself walking around the house, which is empty and quiet. My artroom is a lovely mess with all of yesterdays art started and because of my upsetting start to my day, I'm thrown off and have zero desire to create. When I stand at the entrance the artroom, I feel this gush of emotion and don't know where to go with it I suppose.

So for the first time I'm letting you see how my days are sometimes I guess.

I do have a great life...Mike is great! I love him like the smell of fresh wet raspberry's. Yummmm

This episode today is common around here with Hannah, some days just get to me more maybe.

My Zackery John is doing well in school...we are very happy that he seems to be so happy there : )

So now that I've just birthed all this to you I will attempt to go back in the artroom and see what comes of it. Have a good day and thanks so much for whatever it is bloggers do for one another : ) You are appreciated
P.S. I want to thank Lee for the comment she left me on my last post...Made me feel good...Thank you Lee

Friday, February 20, 2009

I think I may actually be done with the tree I have until Easter to have it ready to be hung, so I may touch it up here & there
I do love it and hope all that sit in the sanctuary on the left side find pleasure in having it there.

Have a good day

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Churches Tree

I've been working on this canvas day & night
I feel about half done maybe a little more then half
I've enjoyed this project
Once its hung at church Ill have a real photographer take a better pic for you all to see
Have a great week


Happy Belated Valentines

Here is some of my Valentine Love This is a Valentine from my friend Dawn in AZ
Love this card made on an old photo
Thank you Dawn
Some pretty pretty cookies from my friend Suzanne

and a journal page that I managed to sneak in while still working on my tree for church
Hope to post the tree progress later today

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vaentine Swap

I joined a group called " A Year of Color "
One of the things offered to us was to have a Valentine swap partner
and mine was Michelle at
These are the things she sent to me : )
I especially like the little charms that I will put on my art tree
Here are a few photos of my art tree

This photo shows a charm of my girl Hannah wearing a crown my friend Dawn at
sent me when we had a Halloween swap

Just another photo of the art tree : )
Gosh...looking at the tree here...I think I might be in need of a new tree : (

Hope you all are well
The art house here has been busy busy busy with people coming out to art everyday for a solid week!
I have been working on my 5 X 3 foot tree that when finished will be hung in my church : )
I will post photos of that soon.
Have a good weekend
Lisa D.

P.S. Dawn at Altered Artists is having a givaway...You should stop by there