Sunday, March 25, 2012

Since I last checked in...

This is how the table has been looking 
Nine years ago when I decided to give this painting thing a try, I had no idea what I was in for, I don't think Mike did either  :  ) 
 The month of March seems to be taking on a new pattern of people coming to visit while on their spring breaks. We've had so far, Char, my sister Hillary. My niece Eleanor (10) will spend this Wednesday with me in the art room. Friday when Hannah returns from her trip to GA, she will have cousin Cal with her. Cal will be with us for a few days, when he departs on Wednesday, I will depart with him and spend a few days with my in laws. To get home in time for Hannah's 17th birthday! 
While Char was here with us, she talked us into getting Ms. Coco Chanel West 
Baby anything can sleep so funny!

little look into the studio
 I'm working on a 6ft and 2 5 ft canvases 
loving it!
This painting is called the five layer painting
I worked on this canvas for weeks! Nothing I put on it made sense 
but the layers are wonderful!
 almost done

 I also finished this 20x20 flower
This is my 6ft 
for several days I painted with drippy wet paint, making swirl after swirl!
Not sure what I'm actually doing with these. So for now I'll just keep adding layers
Hope you are doing well
Lisa D.