Monday, June 13, 2011

Is it next week already?

Last week was non stop! Tuesday I picked up my niece (9) and nephew(12) from Ohare, Wednesday we all, plus another niece(9) went back to the airport to pick up Uncle Mike who had been in CA for almost a week.
Now we had to finish up anything that needed tending to before the BIG sweet sixteen event! Thursday & Friday flew right by and when Saturday arrived we were just about ready to go! Hannah went with Granny to have her hair put up in an "up do" , she looked great! The party was a success! Sunday morning was also a blast! Mike made breakfast for the "after" party people who managed to stay the night. There was lots of trampoline time, video game time, got a walk to 7/11 in there. Played some badminton and a little volleyball.
Now today is Monday, I can breath again  :  ) 
This week, we'll spend some time in Michigan with my brother in law, all the children and Mikes parents. I have photographed all the art that's been being made here and hope to get those into the next post.

Thank you to everyone who attended  Hannah's party.  Its great to be able to sit back and see how far she has come.
There was not one blood relative here from my side and most of the people here are our "extended family". What a great group of people we have :  )
A few tears in my eyes and a whole lot of feel good in my heart.

Lots of love to you all

Lisa D. ...  Hannah's Mom