Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dropping in to say Hi : )

I have spent the week on the phone, either making appointments or getting things in writing
In my spare time I started a large sketch that will be for the 4X5 canvas that will hang in our church : )
I also came across a portfolio bag that was holding all these canvas boards from 2004
This was from my sons 8th grade graduation
I look at it now and think...gosh he has grown
and how far my painting has come.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brain damage & seizures

Our stay at the hospital this past week was uneventful
Which is ok...the doctors recorded Hannah's brain waves while we stressed her out
We were able to sleep from
12~mid~night until 5am
by Wednesday we started to get crabby with one another, but reminded each other we were being video tapped.
After 3 days in one room with little sleep...was getting tough
Because of Hannah's birth issues, there are some things she really struggles with
Like change in routine and feeling rested enough to start back into the old routine
So come Thursday when I thought she was rested enough I sent her to school
by 11:30 am she was calling and needed to come home and when Friday showed up I decided to not push her and let her start with a fresh week.
While in the hospital I took a large Vogue with me from last spring and decided if I had the opportunity to do any type of mental art, I would tear apart this magazine.
So during our second watching of the Inauguration I went for the Vogue magazine.
Friday morning after calling school and canceling the bus I went into the art room to see if I could stir up something before the sun came up
I went for the pages I tore out a few nights before and started a page in my journal.
I think its interesting how I only used those pages from the Vogue and all that I chose said what I must have needed.
"Imagine erasing past damage to create a more even delicate transition"

my "Bride Tree" painting I did a few months back
I gave to my church to be hung on the Sanctuary wall opposite another large painting
I had felt the wall was off balance
Well I saw it hung yesterday and I have to say I was disappointed that it was actually smaller then the painting that hung on the opposite wall, so this week I will paint another and go switch them out : ) Hope my art supply store has a bigger canvas for me.
Hope you have a good week and I will keep you posted on the new tree
Lisa D.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another blog award!

WoW another one : ) I feel so lucky
Thank you Dawn
I have to list 7 things I love
1. Of course I love my husband...the one who makes it possible for me to spend my hours creating art and always encouraging me to press on.
2. I want to say I love creating art in any form...but its kind of a love hate relationship
3. I love that we have one child off at college
4. I love that we managed to raise 2 loving people who see others as equals
5. I love that people love to come to my home and treat it as their own
6. I love that I have managed to get others to see the artist in them
Gosh 7 is hard to come up with, without it sounding too cheesy
7. I love learning about how other artists lived, through movies and books
Now I will pass this to seven others
Ok I found 5 : )
Have a great weekend
I'll be back mid week next week after 3 long days at the hospital for the prolonged video EEG
I'll try and get a photo of my girl with all the thingies on her head : )
Take care

Monday, January 12, 2009

Something new on my Etsy

Here is a little piece I made this weekend and is for sale in my Etsy shop
Hi everyone

Gosh time sure does fly

Between Hannah's seizure and receiving test results of "where" she is at this point and how we are going to navigate high school for her has just made me a bit discombobulated.

Next Monday 1~19 Hannah will go into the hospital for a 48 hour EEG

I will do my best to keep you posted.