Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Freedom flower progress

Here is the progress of the freedom flower
 I decided to fill in the center with paper napkin butterflies
 Took it outside for a brief minute
before we started to melt with these 100 degree days!
 Mr. PeJoe checking it out

The next few days are crazy around here with guests and events
Come see my sister and my art with me tomorrow
at The Glenwood

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

P.S. My art and I will be hanging out at the Glenwood Friday night

Interesting how canvases evolve as time passes
This is a 48X48 stretched canvas covered in paper bag art 
needless to say, it wasn't working for me
 So I went and threw some gesso at it 
 This morning with my cup of coffee I did some dripping
I'm liking it so much better so far!
Off to get myself ready for the day
Have a good one
Lisa D.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursdays doings

The Wild Flower is finished for now, I may put something in the center
we'll see 
 My morning table
 along with sleeping kitties
lil Ms. Coco

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here is what I'm calling my wild flower 
4 ft by 3 ft
on a canvas I stretched!
 There is a lot going on, on this canvas 
its very rich with color and texture

Here is another canvas I started while in Floras class
this is 3 ft by 5 ft
another one I stretched myself : )
 I just decided to use a junky old brush and do an outline of a tree
I really didn't like it, so maybe tomorrow I'll try it upside down
Mike is in the process of finish our "re due"
As much as we needed to do the re due...its making the animals and me a bit crazy

 When Cindy came by the other day for our art party
she brought this.
A canvas we started 7 years ago! lol
was to be a collaboration amongst 5 women
we need to start that back up and finish this puppy!
I had what I was calling a "job" interview today with two women in Evanston 
looking for someone to do some art classes in their gather/art place
was the best interview I've ever had
it felt right
so I'll keep you posted on how it turns out

lisa D.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Todays post

Here is one of the canvases I've been working on while taking Floras class 

 Yesterday I decided to go back to my comfort area and put one of my flowers on top of this busy background.
We'll see what today brings it.
 My friend April was in VT this weekend for Davids service and sent me a few photos of the bulletin 

 You are already greatly missed David Chevrier

Sunday, July 15, 2012

While in VT I got to see and listen to Eloise play her beautiful music while I sat with David

 Being in VT with Eloise, Gwen, Suzanne and the children was an honor
David passed at the break of day on July 8th
After returning from VT I had an art journal birthday birthday party for my friend Cindy 

Always great to work with a group of woman

Now I need to focus on having art ready for my August 18 & 19 art fair in Rogers Park
Have a great week

Lisa D.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

David Chevrier...A man who helped inspire me, to be me

The community I chose to be a part of and raise my family in
Wellington Ave UCC
A home where Michael grew up in as well as our children
Our beloved David Chevrier or also known as Rev. Chev
is not doing so well and will most likely not be with us much longer.
 Here are a few photos of our silliness together

 Eloise, Me, Mike, David
Hannah, Abby & Conner

 I will leave for VT on Friday to be with Suzanne, Davids daughter and a best friend of mine
David always ended the service with this


Sunday, July 1, 2012

I am a painter...A painter I am

When I look at all the blogs I follow and see so many different ways of making art...I love it!

I was just reading a post about art journals...I decided this year, I would most likely stop making my art books to sell, I would be willing to do a commissioned one possibly, but to make them to then sell them, doesn't feel right anymore. My journey seems to want me to just paint right now and I'm ok with that.

 Here are a few canvases I've been creating while taking Flora's class

On Thursday many of my pieces will be going to The Glenwood for six weeks
Things here have quieted down here as far as visitors and Larry the Beagle will be going home today.
Missing these kids and all the fun we have together
Mr. Cooper likes the new art room chair
Hannah, Mike and Mikes Dad will be going to a Cubs game today

Have a great day!

Lisa D.