Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gallery Showing 2010

I know I've been away too long  :  /   When I said change was coming this year for me...I had no idea what that really ment...just decided to go with it. Well here I am the day before my first "Public Show"
I've been crazy busy with preparing  for this day. We have our niece and nephew with us this week. What great memories we will all share.  I'll be back as soon as I can.   Happy summer to you all.

Lisa D.


Diane said...

So nice to see you Lisa!! and Ooooh--I'm so excited for you--hope you blog about it!!

Angela Recada said...

Fantastic! What wonderful news! Enjoy every minute and be sure to come back soon to tell us all about it!

Lisa said...

Sure will Ladies : ) Thanks for always being so supportive.

priti.lisa said...

Rock 'em, Sock 'em, Sistah Girl!!!
You will w0w them, I'm sure.

mystele said...

that's awesome!!!

paintedlady89 said...

This is so wonderful!

Mary said...

Congratulations Lisa!

Good to know all is well!!

Lisa said...

Thank you thank you : ) I'm pretty excited about this evening!

Anke Martin said...

Yeah ! Go for it!!! Hope you had a great start showing in Public!!!!!!!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Anonymous said...

Ray and I would love for you to post your "bio" that accompanies your current show at the Glenwood.

Deb said she would love to see the paintins lit. I think she's right, the work is hung beautifully, but the lighting should be better.

(can't seem to get the google account sign-in to work consistently for me)