Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art at The Glenwood

WoW    What a summer this has been! 
Every week we seemed to either have someone staying at our house or someone from this house needing to travel to someone elses house.
I was offered to hang my art at this wonderful place called The Glenwood. Was a great experience, thanks Joann & Renee

These photos are not the best, but do give you an idea of how it all looked  :  )
This was the first time I have ever shown my art like this. So many of these pieces are from years ago.
My two girls for the night

Hannah & Char :  )  They are standing by the painting that their Grandmother and I painted the night before :  )
Self portrait  2004
Our niece & nephew left Sunday  :  ( 
We had so much fun with them! Even on the days we never even left the house we still found fun. 
I love this photo below of Cal...this pic really proves that he never stops moving.  The mustache was added before leaving for the The Glenwood reception...once on our way, I looked in the backseat and saw an unshaven Calvin.
Before being invited to hang my art at The Glenwood I decided to do something different and instead of signing up for classes at this art retreat that was coming to town I would sell there!  LoL Lisa!  Then a week later The Glenwood called...So on top of the comings and goings here I've had to gather, scramble and create art for these events.
Next Friday August 27, 6 to 9 pm I will be at

My Zack left for his Junior year of college
Hannah will start her second year of high school next week
Next Friday 8~27 I will be at The Artist's Faire
Some time in September I want to have a late night back yard dinner party with the movie Chocolate in mind.
Have a great day

Lisa D.


priti.lisa said...

Absolutely AmaZiNg!!!
What a coincidance that you showed your mannequins. I was asked to paint one for a shop! Yours are incredible. Wishing you great success at your sale...Ka-ching!
Make room for more lovelies :D

Diane said...

I love the painting that you and your mom created--beautiful. This whole exhibit is exceptional--It makes such a great impact when displayed like this--you must be very happy!!

Parabolic Muse said...

Lisa, I love how much you have evolved in just the short couple of years I've been following your blog. You're becoming a force to be reckoned with!