Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Were you assigned a muse?

Ya know I was never assigned a muse
and when I get down and have a hard time creating 
I look to all the on line art classes out there

 This time I took another one of 
painting classes
 Always good to switch it up a bit

Off to open house at Hannah's school

Lisa D.


Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa! I had one and lost it, again ;) So, I manage alone, works as well, smiles, Anke :)

Angela Recada said...

No Lisa, I was never assigned a muse, or a mentor, either. :0) We'll just have to muddle through, I guess. You're doing a fine job without one, though. I love your new trees!!

Elena said...

Great new work Lisa! Muse? Muse? What's that? heehee

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Ladies for not letting me feel alone : )