Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lee Krasner...My new hero

 I do my best to study an artist from the past and this year I picked Jackson Pollock
 I wasn't really looking to master his work, but to see how he worked
Once into his bio and his art work, I realized what a recluse he was.

While I was entering Pollocks world, 
I found Lee Krasner and decided she would be who I studied this year :  )
I'm really enjoying it

Not that you can tell by this photo
but I spent a day cleaning that table!
the one in the back
I needed a change in my paints arrangement
 my tools

I realized the other day that Mike & I have been working from home with each other almost six years! 
There was a time when it was just me and the kids and the animals and Mike left for the day

 I felt like I needed or was lacking some sort of privacy at times in the art room
there are french doors on the other side of that wall
but those make it feel very closed from the inside and very dark on the other side
so I got this ikea wire thing 
Mike installed it
Now I will be on the hunt for a curtain of sorts

 This portraits been hanging around for a few years now 
and this weekend I decided to play around with her



paula said...

like the woman :)

Lisa D. said...

: )

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, yes sometimes you need to CLEAN up. I have that once in a while too, CLEARING space on my STUDIO DESK but it does not last long ;)

The new painting is beautiful! I love the colors. So refreshing and mellow to my soul.

Have lot's of fun in the STUDIO, smiles, Anke :)

Jenny said...

I just put that book on my kindle. She has always fascinated me and I kind of forgot about her. Thanks for the reminder and I cannot wait to read it and be inspired!