Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photos from the fest 2012

Photos taken this weekend

I know it must be overwhelming for some people to walk into my tent 
but gosh I love it!
 Now I'm trying to fit it all back it the house 
but there are several that didn't make it back home 
I know they need to go out into the world 
but we spent time together through many thoughts
 Two lovely ladies and a baby 
I really enjoyed this sale 
This weekend I realized 
when you see one of these paintings and are moved in some way by it 
then you always will be moved by it
 I love that people are drawn to the colors, the movement 
I especially enjoyed all the conversations I had with people

Thank you everyone that come by

Lisa D.

1 comment:

Anke Martin said...

Looks great! I made the expierence, the more feeling you put into a collage, the more people are attracted to.

Glad to see and read you had fun and could 'let-go' of some to go out into the world.

Smiles, Anke :)