Sunday, August 12, 2012

Its funny how a canvas can go about.
as soon as I started painting this red and orange flower, I knew it wouldn't work, but it felt so good to spread that red and orange onto the canvas with a big brush  :  )
I can accept when something isnt working and unfortunately that flower wasnt working
so I went at it with covering it up
cover up what isnt working is my motoe
I started to see a tree and went with it
I made a mix of my brown
 The background is kind of rich with color and the brown was not working!
 So I went to gold and I love it!
 Hope to have it finished by morning so I can start my week off preparing for this Saturdays fest in Glenwood!
Hope your weekend was a good one

Lisa D.


Selah Gay said...

LOVE the transition Lisa! <3

PearlMountain said...

Stunning canvas! Lisa, thank you for sharing.

Lisa D. said...

always transitioning : )

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, smiles...beautiful tree, spreading its wings! Sending you lot's of inspiration and fun for you WEEKEND, smiles, Anke :)