Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lots going on here

 Whats on my large easel this week
 I'm always drawn to the trees

 so is Chunk
 trying to figure out where to go next with this one
 These are 2 canvases 6X12 
my god daughter did one side and I did the other 
she took one home and I kept the other
Granny was out yesterday and we played around with backgrounds all day

 The top 3 are mine and the bottom 1 is Grannys

Have a great day!
Lisa D.


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lisa!

Wow! i am blown away with your art!
The colors, subjects are wonderful!

I wish i would paint more, bit lazy or not inspired or not ready or not confident i could do something great! I have a great place in the basement to do art

Ariane xxx

Parabolic Muse said...

I LOVE your backgrounds. I mean, yours and grandma's. I mean... yours, grandma's, and chunk's...

Let's just add that I LOVE those TREES!!

paula said...

i love your trees :)

Lisa D. said...

You're all so kind with your comments...thank you

It is hard to paint when feeling lazy...get your butt up girl and start! : )

Always making me lol somehow Chris! Thanks for always keeping in blog touch.

Thank you Paula : ) That means a lot to me and thanks for coming back and giving that whole comment thing another go.

Anke Martin said...

OH this looks like so much fun! I think I am going to HIDE from now on in my STUDIO and just CREATE. LOL...thanks for the inspiration, smiles, Anke :)

Elena said...

I always love your trees. But ooooh that yellow and green background is divine! I really wish I could get my butt over to your studio so I could see that process. Oh by the way, I love that head in your header photo.