Sunday, December 12, 2010

The happenings of this weekend and just random order of pics...Enjoy

My inspiration

 Friday at 3pm my friend Cindy called...I had neglected to reply to an email from her the week before and she tracked me down as I feverishly vacuumed and picked up the house before  people arrived and all I did that day was make artist trading cards to hand out at a Christmas party at Aunt Bobbi's on Friday. So anyway, Cindy wanted to know if I had any more nest paintings left and surprise to me...I didn't. Sine I had El here finishing up her Christmas gifts for Mom & Dad I asked Mom to stop on her way and pick up30x30 canvas on her way here to get EL. An hour later I was already starting the nest. Thank you Stacy.

 He was just there and I love this painting so I added him in tonight's post.
This is on a cardboard box that my kitchen cabinets came in 3x4 ft.
He hangs in the kitchen with the other Omo ppl.
 Here's that corner again :  )
 If you look closely you will see my Mr. Pe Joe under the covers on the sofa.
The wind has been blowing and he feels safer under the covers.
 I see the colors here are not as vibrant as they are in person.
My computer wasn't letting me do any adjusting.
 Chunk watching the wild animals outside...prolly thinking back on the days when he was all by his lonesome in that milking barn in Vermont.

 He seems very happy and content amongst the art stuff.
 We were in Rockford IL all day Saturday for Jr. Bulls
Go Bulls Go...HUH!
 Three friends on DEFENSE!

 I happen to see these yellow drops of paint on my sewing machine today and knew that this machine was here to stay.

 The mail came the other day and this was in my box.
An Omo book! from my girl I can see the Omo ppl right in my hands.
and a few ATC's from Dawn :  ) She is my ATC idol. Thank you Ms. Dawn B.
 I thought it interesting to see my thread is pretty close to my paint colors.
 Dawns ATC's
 Cindy's background
 Chunk being his adorable self...he seems happiest sleeping on top of everything :  ) 
 Mr. Cooper
 Lady Cat

 Chunk again...he is just our doll baby...funny how Mike & I are with our animals now that our children are a little older.
 Cooper waiting for me to make Hannah's lunch, he knows I will give him some turkey and he is there waiting for me every day. Cooper has been with us several months now and seems to be finding his place amongst our silly household. At first I thought he was to serious for us and I was looking for someone to play with Chunk...months later, Cooper seems to be a good uncle figure to Chunk. He tolerates Chunk jumping on him and biting his ear and wrestles him to the floor. Too funny.
 Mr. Pe Joe aka...Peter Joseph or some even call him Peter Joe and you never have to call him twice to jump in bed with you...he says "I'm a cuddler" and climbs in.
He does happen to have a piece of drool on his snout in this photo and he says to tell you all...he has big lips and does his best to keep the slime off of the Misses walls.

Matilda Rae, our black lab isn't feeling well and asked not to be photographed today.

I hope you have enjoyed your time here :  )
I wish you all  Happy Holidays
and will check in when I can.
I have just a few more days to finish the nest painting for Cindy.
 Lisa D.


Diane said...

What a fun colorful post. I love your corner filled to the brim with art. Did you do the big bird painting on the wall?--it is awesome! I've wanted to make a really big piece for our one wall, but it just scares me--where do you start?!
Your "kids" are so cute. All of our kids are gone now, and the only one left is my son's pet that he didn't take with him--his turtle. I'm really scared that he's going to want him back, and I couldn't part with him now :) (I love that turtle!)

Janine said...

I love your paintings, your colors, your rooms which I wish I could see in person and your wonderful pet friends! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Lisa said...

LoL Diane, I guess it is kinda filled to the brim. There is art all through out the house, but I try to contain some of it in the studio. The bird painting on the wall I posted about last week. If you want to paint big...then give it a try, I find it very freeing.
One of the first things I did was cover the whiteness by just dropping paint onto it and moving that around : ) A turtle? wow Thats one animal we have not had : )
Janine, thanks for stopping by here and leaving such a great comment : )
I'm off to work on the nest.

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

You are so sa~weet! I love making atc's and shall continue sending them to people who appreciate them. I love mine from you as well. I always enjoy seeing the art room on your blog. Keep on painting my artsy friend. You inspire me too!

Erin Balfour said...

I found your lovely blog through the Mystele ornament giveaway comments - I love your art and I think I totally love your cat! x

Lisa said...

So~Sa weet! I love that : )

Erin : ) Glad you found me : )

Ophelia said...

Your post is so wonderful, and so full of inspiration! I love it!