Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the studio~Paint~Sugar~Kids and sewing

I wonder how I ever am able to create in such disaray
This canvas is 32 X 32
There is a painting underneath that I got tired of and decided to give it a new look and changed the background, then it hung for almost a year till I decided a bird would work.

I am no where near done, but this is where I'm at with it at this point, I think I may like it better in red.

One of my favorite coffee mugs.
Monday will be two weeks of putting Truvia in my coffee instead of regular sugar. I love sugar! on everything! but my jeans are getting a bit too tight and thought I could try to give up a few things.

Hannah & cousin Eleanor making holiday bags from the Cloth~Paper~Scissors magazine.

El's first time using a sewing machine...she loved it!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I am off to make some Christmas gifts.
Have a great day

Lisa D.


priti.lisa said...

Disarray??? Hah. I will email you disarray...I plan to email you back, just felt the nagging need to blog :)
Your Hannah and Eleanor(love that name) creating in your home...sounds so...homey.
YaY for Truvia! I am a hot and black girl myself, but I am so happy it's not Equal in your cup!

PS: Did you notice I didn't use any French? ;D

Mary said...

Lisa I think your studio is fabulous. I believe a working studio never gets totally clean! Please tell me that's true!!! lol I love that you have a sitting area to muse, relax, and browse through books. It's so welcoming.

Love what you are working on!

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

YAy for Truvia from me too. FYI: I have been liking "Sun Crystals' it's half stevia & half sugar, so it seems pretty close and yet half the calories. I love the bird. I got some really cute atcs in the mail today! Thanks !!! You need to check out the contest from chronicle books on my blog. rockin!

Outstanding Stranger said...

Just popped over to wish you a Merry Christmas. Love your studio and so fun to share your talent with the youngsters....Hugs, Diane

Jane said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your studio looks pretty organized to me! Warm and inviting and creative. My cat Jackson looks very much like yours, Chunk is it? Love the way the bird painting is going! Do you use sketchbooks? - Jane

Lisa said...

Lisa, I don't do diet anything, but this truvia seems after taste : )
Kids (except my own)come to my house and expect to do art : ) It is pretty great!

Mary, Good to see you : ) I agree...a working space is never really all picked up : ) My sitting area is very nice, especially when ppl come to visit. was your bird that inspired me : )

Dawn : ) glad you liked your cards : ) You always inspire me.

Diane, Happy Holidays : ) Thanks for alweays stopping by.

Jane, Thanks for stopping by. Chunk...he is our baby. I do use sketch books, all depends on what I'm working on and if I need to get my drawing thoughts on paper : )

Manon said...

Lisa I want that studio to be mine!!!

Anke Martin said...

Oh Lisa, my Studio is always in an disaray when I create! Creating and no mess is not possible, or is it?

Have a great weekend, smiles, Anke ;)

PS: Can't wait to see the painting done!

Deirdra Doan said...

Love this painting..thanks for visiting me at my blog.