Friday, December 17, 2010

Bird nests and a naughty kitten

Here is the completed nest...I love it...I just hope it's not too orange for its new home.

The nest made me think about...why nests?
They seem to have started when Zackery left for college and Hannah entered high school.

 It feels good in all the rooms I put it in.
 Mike and Nan doing some baking

 These were peanut butter with a chocolate kiss on top. The other cookies or I should say treats...Kalochkies 3 different flavors, Macaroons, Chocolate covered Macaroons and I suppose I'll mention the baklava that he made us few weeks back.
Like I've said in a few posts back...I bring the color and Mike brings the yummy.
 Hannah is so proud of her sign she made last week at school with friends.

Naughty Chunk

 I want to wish you all a great holiday and thank you for a stupendous year in art blogging. All the comments you have left, all the emails I have received all the friendships I have made.
Thank you

Big tight hugs all around
Lisa D.


Parabolic Muse said...

Happy Happy Holidays, Lisa!

And how can little Chunk resist those paper slivers?! no way!!

Angela Recada said...

Big hugs right back atcha!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season, too!

Diane said...

And a BIG Happy Holidays to you too Lisa!! I'm glad I met you. (I can take one of those Mikes to bake my cookies--I'm not crazy about making them,but I sure am crazy about eating them!! :)

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa! Your Bird nest painting is awesome! Enjoy looking at it!
Making cookies....oh man I feel bad, my daughter asked for it for days and I can't really find time or the motivation. Maybe in the next days.....I want to make her a princess dress for Christmas, acutally my grandma, but the clothes didn't come until today and I guess it's going to be collaboration project. Me,my mum and my grandma. So I better get off the net to get started!
So you have a wonderful Christmas time with your family and friends!!! Thank you as well for being such a good 'blog' friend!

Smiles, Anke ;)

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas, Chris, Angela, Diane & Anke.

We arrived in Atlanta a few days ago to spend Christmas with Mikes brother and his children.

Hard to think its Christmas and its only 67 derees outside. Back home its probably

Happy Holidays Ladies