Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The party...The Team...The winners and The trees

I'm opening my blog post today with the only 2 photos that were taken at our party Saturday.
Above is the bouquet my neighbor Maria brought...from her own beautiful garden! 
Below is one of the dishes Mike prepared for us, beef bourguignon  the other dish was homemade pot pie, crust and all :  ) YUM!
This photo does not even come close to how fricken good it actually tasted. I don't know what Hannah & I would do with out Mike.
And the party was a blast!
These 2 photos are of Hannah playing wheelchair basketball. A team of kids that she met this summer and is now on their team. GO Jr. Bulls!

Of course the winners of my give away


I'm moving along with my painting
I feel like I have to get a solid feel for the trees and their branches, then I can go back into the background a bit or just paint over the whole thing and start over, something I've been known to do. I told Mike today I will give it till Friday to come together better for me, if not, then it just becomes another layer. We'll see

Thanks everyone who posted in my giveaway! I came across to ATC Halloween cards if anyone wants to do a trade.
Eva & UpstateLisa drop email me your info and anyone wanting to trade do the same.

Back to my trees before my girl gets home from school.

Lisa D.


priti.lisa said...

Yay! to the winners! I love Eva. And Upstate has to be cool with the last name Lisa :D
How wonderful for Hannah and Co.

EVA said...

Thank you so much Lisa! What a thrill to win something that you have created!!!

Ophelia said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!!

smArtee said...

I love these trees..and the background is delish...Nice to meet you..!..