Thursday, September 30, 2010

~~~~~An update and a halloween give away~~~~~

I have two 5X7 Halloween cards for my give away.
Just leave a comment about your bestest Halloween costume.
On Monday I'll draw two names :  )
Good Luck
Here is the painting behind the garage .. I felt like I needed to look at it from a distance.
I laid some elephants on top to see how I liked them.
On top of  all life's crazy things, we are having a party on Saturday.
The invites went out to 4 of our neighbors and a few of Hannah's school friends with their families and
Nathan & Maria, so they can see their painting.

I saw on my friend Priti Lisa's blog this ad type thing for art journaling called The Sketchbook Project
So I decided I didn't have enough going on in my life to add another thing!
It arrived today all 8x5 of it with its blue cover.
I used a letter opener to free the journal.
I looked at it felt it I probably even smelled it :  )
Then I gathered a few spray paint cans and took it out to the yard.
The small book has been here a few hours and already it feels at home with me.
The theme they gave me was Help! Not sure where I'll go with this wee book.
I just know it needs to be handed in by Jan 15 2011
so that it can travel to museums and art libraries. Places where people will look at it hold it and hopefully get something from it.

I continue to have camera much so it makes me want to cry.

On the menu for Saturday evening
Mikes Beef  Bourguignon & Chicken Pot Pies
My man Mike is so the best :  )
He feeds us so much good loven food!
and if you've ever eaten know what I'm saying!
I hope for no rain so that we can do smores over the fire.

Love to you all
Lisa D.
Don't forget to leave your comment to win a Halloween card


priti.lisa said...

Hi Lisa :)
I hope you post pic of your SBP.
I didn't know you were doing it.

I used to dress up when I worked as a bartender...when I was pregnant I dressed as a nun.
2 years ago, I was an Amish man...


Lisa said...

Hey there Lisa : ) Thanks for stopping by.
I will try and get some photos of my SBP : )

I love that, a pregnant nun...hahaha and an Amish man...Love it!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I just love your art! WOW!
Thanks for stopping by my place too :)
I dressed up as an angel once and my EX was the devil. Go figure ;)

Lisa said...

Hahaha Thats great Darla : ) Go figure : )

Thanks for stopping by.

upstateLisa said...

gorgeous art! the first year I was to go out (maybe I was three) I didn't go cuz I was scared of my own costume!

Lisa said...

LoL upstateLisa : ) I love all the Lisa love here : )

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

Who doesn't love a giveaway, please toss my hat in the ring. My fave costume I wore was a french maid (I was 21 at the time.) That probably helped.

Happy Halloween and October to you my former sweet and sinister partner!

Lisa said...

Dawn : ) I'll toss your hat in the ring for sure!

EVA said...

It's been a while since I was at a costume party. The last was themed - musketeers and wenches! I was especially proud of my husband's costume that I made for him. I discovered and fell in love with my glue gun! Not sure there was any sewing in the whole elaborate outfit!

Looking forward to seeing your SBP and what you do with Help! (I'm hearing the Beatles in my mind....)

Mary said...

Love these paintings. They turned out beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog Lisa, I was off having a splendid adventure. :)

most of my costumes were pretty thrown together and lame. I did dress up as a die (one dice) one year. It was hard walking around in this big box - I had painted white and put the black dots on. I I had black tights and a black and white striped shirt on. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, beautiful blog
Thanks for you comment and visit to my spot.
I will be sending you an invitation to come enjoy me and Manon at Borealis Shine.
Hope to see you there soon!