Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's already Thursday!

A few fun photos
When I see this pic I think to myself
How do I work on that table?
Even this past weekend with our party...
...I cleaned the house
even my bathroom : O
but at the end of the day before people began to arrive
I looked in the studio and thought
ehhh...its fine, everyone will stay in the other rooms.
Half of the party was in the studio! and of course when Nathan and Maria came I sat them right across from their painting while they ate Mikes beef bourguignon.

 My Zack turned 21 last month and his sister will be 16 in 6 months
I just love this shot of them.

Zack & I at my sisters wedding 2 years ago
I cut it out of an 8x10 with hopes to glue it down in one of my journals.

I'm off to continue working on the trees.
Have a great day!
Lisa D.


lee said...

I think your studio looks great, your an artist you use that studio, I love the size of those canvases behind you.....Your son is very handsome ..

Lisa said...

Lee : ) Yes it is a working studio! The canvases behind me are the 36x36 tree painitng I'm working on. Not only is he handsome...he is a sweetie : )

Elena said...

Great photos! Can feel the family love in them all.

Outstanding Stranger said...

What table??? LOL Looks like a place I would like to hang out at too. Cute picture of your kids, time really does fly! Hugs, Diane

Lisa said...

Thanks Elena : ) Family I'll have to tell that one to the kids.

Thanks is a fun space to hang out in.

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

Parabolic Muse said...

Wow. I've missed so much! I must stop watching Dark Shadows and going overseas.

I think your cubes rock. But I like you trees the best...