Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happenings in the art room

 What will history say about Me always painting these trees?
 Here is the top of my large ikea cube shelf thing...I don't know why I just love painting letters and I found these letters 1/2 price. I did EAT recently and sold that on ebay  :  )  maybe next I'll do pray. The tin next to the LOVE (seeds) I got in one of my favorite antique malls in Michigan. I miss those days Granny. My life has been consumed with Hannah and this painting and after years of doing art I realize I still need a little rule breaking art even when times are stressful, so while I've been working on my trees I have made the alphabet in atc's for my atc carousel. My fellow artist friend LEE had a post the other day about how many pieces you work on at a time...The post made me smile, I am capable of working on gosh I cant even say at a time, 10 maybe. So the abc atc's was a fun outlet and it helped fill my carousel :  )
 Do you recognize the Lisa sticker Dawn  :  )   and Mystele's Omo girl...that shelf is probably 5 things deep.
 I plan on adding my ornamentation to the trees this week and here are some things that came to me.
                                                        I found this girl looking at me.
Well, Mr. Mike is calling to me that my...don't laugh now...beef bourguignon is ready...I know...he just keeps cooking it for me and tonight he has made me flowerless chocolate cake. I fill the house with color and laughter and he fills it with good smells and oh so yummy food.

Happy evening to you


priti.lisa said...

I think this is a terrific post!
Looks like we will be eating out in Feb. I am a an OK cook...but it is tofu and veggies and pasta here...oops...there are prolly things that seem normal to me...that just aren't to...um 'normal' peeps like you ;D

Diane said...

Oh, this is the perfect life--playing up in your room until dinner is ready--love it!!

Ellie said...

I love your space; How fab are those letters~ You are inspiring me to go work in my space, my FROG(furnished room over garage)
enJOY the dinner; How sweet~

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hello from Iowa! So happy to find you...can't remember how, though...but isn't that the way?! Love your work...so joyful and inspiring! And it sounds like you and the hubby are a perfect pair!!! Cheers to you!