Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do for one as you would have one do for you.

I was raised in a home where hate was a common word. where bigotry was a daily topic. and love? well that never seemed to show up much, not sure it ever least the kind of love that I vowed to have with my own family. Here I am at 42 1/2 and can see with my 21 yr old son and 15 yr old daughter, that Mike & I have done it. we raised a loving, fair, open, honest household. I guess why this comes to me early Sunday morning is that yesterday Hannah spent the day at wheelchair basketball, then out to have her nails done with three other girls from basketball and then to a surprise party for one of the players. I saw some of the photos from yesterday and as much as I have already known we raised them right, seeing Hannah with these kids really brought it home for me. We are all equal.

Nothing comes overnight.

Mike has been with out work since early August, so life has been a bit upside down, my brother in law still battles this awful ugly cancer. My good friend aka my mother in law has been in GA to help where she can. Life right now seems so unfair.

We lost Jake over 11 yrs ago and that taught Mike & I a little about life early on.

You have one life to live and doing it with fairness and love will only supply you with the same back.
My Matilda Rae (9yr old blk lab) developed a bump in her mammary gland early this year and as we watched it and tried to do what we could, it continued to grow. I told Mike & Hannah, that we might have to put her down. This bump grew from her sternum to her pelvis. Our vet, who happens to live across the street and knew of our situation preformed surgery this past Monday on Matilda, and cut the bill in half and I was told I can pay when I can pay. In my heart I believe this has happened because Mike or I have done good for others. Weather it was equal to this or not, one will never know, you just have to go at it with a blind eye I suppose and know that doing right will make right come your way also.

I know there is a company out there that is going to find Mike and take him on, in the mean time we keep living as we have always done, spending less of course. I know for Mike he feels bad when we have to tell the kids no. I believe sometimes that all that life has sent our way has made us stronger and with fairness and honesty being important in our home, we have learned to be a good couple. We fight, we love, kiss passionately, slap each others butts, I may even tug on his hair!  :  )  we both know when we have hurt the other and 99.9% of the time we'll step back and walk away for a breather or apologize right away. We realize we are partners here in our one time life and we want to make the goodest of it!
I once heard or read...Don't take more then you give and I think that is what keeps us going through this life. 

I read a post the other day on Jennifer's blog about judging people, how we might offend people by what we post on our own blog. The first thing that came to my mind ok, say what you must, just as I have today. If people are offended by anything I have said, well then just don't come back. It will be ok. Maybe we just wouldn't be friends in real life or on line and that's ok, I know I don't care for EVERYONe or everything. You should not worry about offending...just be yourself.

I started this post early Sunday morning and today is Wednesday.
 I did this small wood block painting for a friend this week...The little kitty I got for Mike for a little Halloween gift...made me think of his kitty Oreo aka Chunk.
 We have never had such a social cat! He is just wonderful.

My tree painting is complete. This weekend Mike & I will take it to its new home. Then Monday will come and I'm not sure I'll know what to work on.

Have a great evening
Lisa D.


Parabolic Muse said...

Hear, hear, Lisa!

Thank you for sharing so much of what is going on. I believe there are things we share about our upbringing. In any case, it's okay for each of us to be unique. If someone takes offense, they are taking things personally which aren't.

I wish all good things for you and yours.

and, What a Cat!

Elena said...

Oh what beautiful words! LOVE IT! And I do hope Matilda will heal nicely. What a wonderful neighbor you have. Reminds me of a conversation hubby and I had today of the olden days where services were traded instead of money. I hope Mike finds something soon. I trust that you will be taken care of. You are good people. And I totally agree about being yourself. Huge hugs Lisa!

Angela Recada said...

Terrific post, Lisa! I'm so sorry to hear about Mike's job situation and your dog's health issues, not to mention everything else you've got going on in your life. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Keep being yourself, because you are a real treasure and I'm so glad I found you! You and your family strike me as being very special and caring people, people who do the right thing. You've got your priorities straight.

Lisa said...

Chris : ) Thanks for always leaving me kind thoughts.
Elena, Yes my neighbors are wonderful, all of them, but our vet...he's the man : ) When Mike makes dinner as he so often does, we have either brought them some or just had them over for a meal to show my gratitude.
Dear Angela, when I got to your comment I just felt those tears well up. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and encouraging me to go ahead and be myself.
Thank you sweet ladies : )
Hugs to each one of you on this beautiful autumn day.

lee said...

I love everything you said Lisa. I also believe that by sharing you learn more, like your childhood, many people out there have had the same or similiar experiences and can relate and no they are not alone. I for one...keep the faith I know Mike will get a perfect job

Outstanding Stranger said...

I guess what it all boils down to is in all things, give thanks. And yes in turn the good that you do comes back to you. How does a person learn to raise children who are giving and kind when they were not raised that way themselves? What an AWESOME FEAT. I hope your hubs gets a job soon and this stressful time will be behind you and you will be stronger for it I know. Hugs, Diane

priti.lisa said...

Hi Lisa.
Wow, what a powerful post.
I love you being yourself...and you are so young to be so smart!

That kitty looks like a Sandy other favorite artist...she is right up there with you :)


PS: To be totally inappropriate (to be myself)...
my word verification is UNROBE.
Is it shirtless bib overall time again??? LOL

Rita A. said...

I found you through the Blog Hop.
I love your trees and the views of your wonderful studio.
I look forward to seeing much more.

Rita A. (no. 2)

JANN said...

HI Lisa,
thank you for visiting my blog. My hubby has been outta work since April so I know where you are coming from - sorta. Will include you in my prayers. Very interesting blog you have and talented artist. Glad to be your new friend.

Anke Martin said...

Hi Lisa, a big hug your way! Not an easy situation but you are doing an awesome job getting through it!!!!!!!

Life is sometimes a big challenge and somehow we make it through!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Smiles and good hopes your way, Anke ;)