Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting to know Lisa this summer 2010

Here is my first attempt at getting to know a little about Lisa this summer through my collections.
I don't consider myself the fancy type

I try and keep things very simple.

From my bib overalls down to my foot ware
I acquired my first pair of Birkenstocks in 1986 and have continued to love being in them day in and day out. Throughout the years many people have tried to sway me towards a prettier shoe and for some reason the simplicity of these shoes keeps me wearing them.

A few summers back, my mother & I went shoe shopping for our spring trip to see my sister in Texas. Well, while walking up and down and up and down and up and down again the aisles of DSW I came across their bag section and ended up having the best looking carry on.

Several years ago when i first started painting I came across these great cowboy boots in the "Sundance catalog" and now own at least 5 pair : )

There is something about never worrying much about whats going on your feet for the day.
My Old Gringos

Summer has arrived here and I can tell already its going to be a filled one!
Have a great day


Chris said...

Wow! How fun to wear boots and sandals. I can't wear either because I have inherited foot weirdnesses and do have to concern myself with what I wear, but we all have our weirdnesses. I like your photos and variety of choice, even when you know it will be a boot or a sandal!

Hilly said...

I wish my big feet could fit in your awesome cowboy boots!

Lisa said...

Hey there Chris, I think we all have a little foot weirdness : ) Oh Hillary...<~~~My baby sister

Anonymous said...

these boots are made for walkin'
and that's just what they'll do...

one of these days!!!

saw you are following my hubby!
hope you come to visit me too! I'm your most recent follower! hehe..

ciao bella!
creative carmelina

priti.lisa said...

What a collection! I have $1 flip-flops and in the winter I have my fur-lined Rocket Dogs.

Mia and I are going on a hike in the woods with paints. We are going to paint hearts and words on stones and dead branches...
Sounds like fun, right?

I love you Lisa-girl :)

Elena said...

Oh I love boots! I have about 5 pair of Harley boots that are just so comfortable to ride in. But I love yours! Now I have to go online and see what else they've got! Sweet...

Mary said...

okay Lisa, two of my favorite things to clothe my feet in!!

I must say, you do have a collection of Sundance boots!!! That is one of my fav catalogs!! I have received many a birthday and Christmas gift from there. My husband just groans when I pull out that catalog!!! :)

Hmmm, what size shoe do you wear???? lol

Terry Lounsbury said...

Hello Lisa.
I like your family picture from an older post, taken in the reflection of a car. Funny.
Your studio looks inspiring. Hope you enjoy the summer and look forward to brousing your past works of art.
Your new blog friend Terry

Mary said...

Hey Lisa, just dropping in to say hi!
It's been awhile since your last post. Hope all is well!!

Outstanding Stranger said...

Love your boots and Berks...Your art is very fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cant wait to check back and see what you are up to next...Diane

Anonymous said...

Love the boot line up. Would make a fun painting...

Anonymous said...

Just found you have PJ's Talking... it died. My new one is I'd be ever so grateful if you had the time to change me, uh, my link. :) thanks!

Pam Aries said...

iam s odiggin' those cowgirl boots!AWEsome!

Sandy said...

Hi Lisa,
It has been awhile since I stopped by your blog. Are you going to Art Unraveled this year? I am going to attend some of the CREATE workshops in August at Rosemont. Are you planning on attending any workshops this year?

Love the cowboy boots and your overalls. I never saw your Omo people artwork. I love them!

Take care,