Thursday, May 27, 2010

Been thinking of you all * Post 150!

Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging.

Here are a few blocks I was working on this week.

I also went and bought a four foot canvas the other day and have been layering something on that every day or two. Will post photos of that soon.



Final pieces

some I listed on Ebay and some I put in my Etsy.

Does anyone know if I can list the same item in two places at the same time?

Last week we had breakfast with cousin Scott

A little funky image here of my family

I was thinking since school will be out soon and all the business that that brings, I need something to keep me posting through out the summer.

My idea is to post a little something about Lisa every Tuesday and of course any piece of art I may find time to create.
Have a great weekend
Hope its long and fun : )


Diane said...

I just love your vibrant colors.
Cool family pics :)
Hope you have a great weekend!!

priti.lisa said...

Hi Lisa :)
Your etsy shop looks really good.
You are amazing...all of those paintings, WoW! I especially like the sunflower painting. I haven't gotten the time to make a dark-skinned painting yet, but I did buy the right color of red, thanks for the tip!
Wishing you an abundance of sales :)

Martha Lever said...

Love these little canvases!!! They are wonderful and I can't wait to see the big one! I am not sure about the Etsy thing.

Mary said...

I love these little blocks.
Lisa, I have lost your email address - I wanted you to know I have not forgotten you. The little painting I have for you is sitting on my hall bench waiting along with several other things to be mailed. This has been a busy month and has stretched us financially. I will have to wait till the beginning of June to mail it to you.

Can't wait to see what you do on the big canvas!!

Karena said...

Lisa, I love the blocks and your color palettes. Can't wait to see the large canvas!!

Art by Karena

art by naomi said...

Really like the blocks, love all the color.

Elena said...

All looks great Lisa! 4' canvas huh? I still can't get the nerve!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's nice to meet and follow a fellow artist!

your blocks are great...i came by way of Martha Lever's blog, btw!

come on over and have a peek at what I do would be nice to get to know you through your art!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Chris said...

those panels are awesome!

A 4 foot canvas?! oh I love layers so I bet building those up is fun fun fun!

I don't know about posting things in two places. I would guess if it's your work, you can do wahtever you want until it's sold and then delete it from the other venue!

Angela Recada said...

I know what you mean about life getting in the way of blogging! But that's OK because life is so much more important!
I love what you've been working on! Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces. I can't wait to see what you're working on now!

Loved the family photos, too!

Love and hugs,

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

I list on both Etsy and Ebay at the same time, but you have to constantly check each one- if someone bids on the Ebay item (or if you have several "watchers") then you need to de-list on etsy for a bit until the auction is over.