Thursday, May 28, 2009

There are 16 people at Hannah's school that have been important to us in some way or another, so of course I need to make them all a little something to show our appreciation. Hannah wants to know if I ever think of giving gifts that aren't really : )Two 10X10 and one 12X12 for the three main teachers

All three canvases felt so smooth, so I decided to rough them up a bit
but in the end I painted two of them with black gesso (my new love) and went with what came to : ) I liked my first zinnia so much, decided I would do more of those.

I am just about finished with theses 3 and will start on my smaller pieces this weekend.
Mike and I are both from Chicago, we actually grew up as neighbors. Once we knew what Hannah was going to need out of her school experience, we decided Chicago schools were not going to cut it, so we moved out to the burbs. We have been out here 9 years and its been OK, but the special ed program out here has been more then we could have ever expected. Now our baby girl will be going to high school.
Graduation day a week from Monday
How exciting for her.
Have a good weekend
I'll be back with my progress of the next 13 pieces
Lisa D.


purplecat said...

Lovely to hear from you, glad you are enjoying the Frida!
Love the idea of black gesso, I have never tried that before,
Hugs XX

Anke said...

Oh I'm sure they will be all really surprised and happy to get such a personal Thank You. Sounds like this is a wonderful school and they are giving their best to give every child a good chance to education! So have fun at the Graduation Party to go to High School!!! This must be such a big thing for you daughter.
Smiles Anke ;)

Papermoonies said...

Lovely process you have and I have decided to give you a follow!