Monday, May 25, 2009

Hannah's photo shoot

Hannah had asked Granny for a photo shoot with some of her friends for her birthday this year Hannah Granny & I
Granny had a great idea with bringing the phones for a prop
They are always on the phone together!

One of the last shots taken with all the friends and I decided to jump in on the one : )

Mother Daughter pose

We moved to this house the year Jake was born and decided to make a memorial garden for him. So when we had patio installed in the back yard, they took the dirt and made a HUGE flower bed in the back of our huge backyard.
Here are just a few pics, I will take more this week.

I hope to have some art to show you soon.
I've been busy making art for the teachers & staff that have been such great people to Hannah & I while she has been in middle school.
Happy Memorial Day


Anke said...

Hi Lisa! Wonderful photos! The one with the phones is awesome!!!! What a great idea. Sounds like your whole family is filled with creative thoughts.
Thanks for sharing it! Ah yes, there are so many beautiful flowers out there, I can't get enough of them enjoy, smiles, Anke ;)

Chris said...


I love every darn one of these. I got kind of teary-eyed at the mother daughter one. Then I snapped out of it because people were staring. Really, these are GREAT. Isn't Hannah lovely?

Nice flower!
Don't worry about the art. It will flow. I've been neglecting blogs to work on art because suddenly I went nuts with paint. There's only so much time for things! And family is tops!!

Jazze Junque Inc. said...

Wow~ Hannah is getting to be such a pretty girl. So is is her mom.