Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a few photos while I'm still trying to finish teacher art

Here is a lil Frida doll I received in an art swap.
Her she is against one of my latest Zinnias
Here she sits among other art dolls and paintings
The back garden is just alive with lush flowers

Have a great day
I'll be back soon with my teachers art photos


purplecat said...

Hey Lisa, Frida sure does look at home!! I love your other dolls too- I think we like the same things :)
Sure we must trade soon , hugs Karen xx

Pat Dalke said...

I loved the tour of your yard and gardens's wonderful to see everything budding and blooming. You've done a wonderful job of bringing it all to life!

Your paintings and artist's cards for the teachers and school staff are beautiful...

"Grey Gardens" was very fun to watch, all in all it was a very good day!


Lisa said...

Yes I think Frida is happy in her new home : ) I was trying to read your profile Granny must make one and put some pics of your art on it : )