Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why Trees

I'm not done yet I still need to tone down the background
I think this may be Hannah & I
For years I painted faces/portraits
then moved to flower for a bit and now trees.
I've been ready to be done with trees for some time now, I think I've been painting them for about a year maybe and I think its time I move on. But when I sit down to paint each day
I paint trees
Funny how that works
Hope your weekend is going well


Jazze Junque Inc. said...

The trees remind me of ladies in long dark evening gowns, and their hair is flowing and wavey.

Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it very nice soooo I would like to invite you to visit and become friendly with me at my art site.

I hope you will come by and enjoy the variety of labels, and music videos and experiences as lived here in San Diego.

Great and hope to hear from you soon... see ya!

Pat Dalke said...

Yes, I can see this painting being you and Hannah....I also would like to know about the tree on the green, ochre and blue/purple background with a flower behind it? The colors in this work are not typically colors you use.

Trees are such powerful images, so many ways to think about a tree...could you share the poem about trees on your blog?

During a challenging time in my life I pictured myself sitting proped up with my back against a tree.

Maybe the image of the tree will never totally "play out" in your work, maybe it will just take another shape, kinda like Calvin's transformers.

lupingirl said...

Trees are a recurring theme for me as well - they've been absent for some time now, but have popped up again and again in my work over the years.

These are very nice and I love the spiraling branches. For some reason it reminds me of Klimt.

Tricia said...

lovely lovely images!
i have enjoyed your lovely blog so much this morning.
i just started painting trees about a month or so ago-they are such beautiful things.
and actually if i can pull it off i plan to go as a tree on halloween! :)

i wanted to also thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. i am seeing that the silence is slowly moving on...

Anke said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by at my blog, I enjoyed checking your art out...amazing 'Why trees'! Well off to see some more of your work, smiles, Anke ;)

Fireblossom said...

I love trees! I'll never be done with them! lol

I love the curling branches on these, they seem to be dancing.