Tuesday, October 28, 2008

List Poem by Maya

A tree is a wedding gown in the spring
A tree in a Chinese fan
A tree is a great messenger of God
A tree is Mother Nature's child
Strawberry tree, Maple trees
A tree is a day care center for baby birds
A tree is a giver of air
A tree is the reader of clouds
Apple trees, Cherry trees
A tree is God, wig
A tree conceals a beautiful story
Coconut trees, Palm trees
A tree is a dog,s toilet
Scrapes the sky in the middle of nowhere surrounded by
vicious animals
A tree is an angel's choir
Red tree, Green trees
A tree tells God about the sights on earth
A tree is suffering in the desert
A tree is a wise ancient teller of scents
A tree is a tree
This poem was passed on to me by my Mother in law when I was painting my bride tree


Abbie said...

Hi Lisa,.
That is a lovely treasure poem to keep and have as a memory! Have you seen my friend Anke's art? She lives in Germany and I think you might enjoy it. You both have such a free use of color and form, I love yours and hers! Her blog address is http://ankemartin.blogspot.com/
I hope that the transplant for your brother is a success!

Lisa said...

Abbie, Thanks for stopping by : ) I went over to Anke's blog...lol...I can see why you thought I'd enjoy it : ) Thanks for sharing that with me. My brother in law will be going home today or tomorrow : ) so things are going ok...time will tell. Thanks for your concern : ) Have a great day.