Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Art Blocks

I found this box yesterday
I had forgotten all about it...4 or 5 years ago I started collecting these art blocks from my favorite artists...I think if I had to guess...I probably have 75 ( : Don't tell Mike : )
As I bring in all my plants I will disburse these blocks around them and enjoy them all over again...these at least...I know there are a few more boxes out there like this. LoL...sorry about the boooty shot.

Have a great day
I'll post some of these artist cards I've been working on later today
Bye for now


Cris Melo, Melo Earth said...

Haha! Oh my...look what I see! old paintings of mine, again! Your collection is great!

Thanks for following my blog :)

Chris said...

The booty block is the one I was going to ask to borrow.
These are fantastic!