Friday, November 9, 2012

What I found while cleaning a corner in the art room

 This painting is called
Joker in the middle
Left side is James, Zacks father
Middle is Zack
Right side is Mike, Zack's Pops
What I love about this painting, from 2006
is that it really does look like all 3 of them
Zack had gotten in huge trouble in 2006
 My issues with skin tone made me fall in a brief love affair with this style
Below is one I did of Mike & I when we were having our own issues with each other 
 Heres the corner

Did I say cleaned?
I meant tidied 

Some of my favorites along that wall

 The area where everything that can be hung on a hook, hangs
messy messy
maybe too many wine bottles over in the corner
Hey I'm making progress!
Coco napping with Chunk on guard 

The progress of my swirl commission
I just love it!

Lisa D.


Gloria said...

Hi Lisa. Nice to meet you. That's great that you want to do the puzzle. I'll let Priti Lisa know and give her your link, unless she already has it, so that when she is done she can send it to you. This is fun.I'm thinking that when it is completed before mailing out, a small note with blogger's name and blogsite would be great. Maybe a brief description of whether it was easy, hard, fun or all 3 of those.:)) tee hee. I'm adding you to my reading list, I like your art and your blog is awesome.

Lisa D. said...

Sounds great Gloria! Lisa knows me and may even have my address.

I'm looking forward to this!

Angela Recada said...

I LOVE those faces in your first photo, Lisa! Your work space looks so inviting (especially with all those wine bottles, LOL!).