Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paint Mojo Texas style 2012

Last weekend at Paint Mojo 

Me ... little unknown Lisa D. sitting on the floor painting with the absolute fabulous Tracy Vertigo
Most loveliness of ladies
Dont know why I have my eyes shut in all these flippen photos!

 There were 20 of us

 As much as Granny was uncertain about attending her first ever art retreat 
I believe she may have enjoyed herself as much as I did
 This is my 30x30 that I brought home
Not sure what to do next if anything at all

Before I left for the weekend, Hannah had scratched herself a bit too much (ocd) in between her eyes
when I got off the plane on Monday I saw that it had gotten much worse
When she went to school the next day, the nurse called me with the news of this wound becoming impetigo and I needed to take her to the doctor.
Poor Hannah
We also are having a large shed built in our back yard, which my studio faces.
So many men, including my father in law (who is having this built) and his brother and Mike and even Zack walked through a few times.
I've had to go get Hannah from school a few times.
and its cold outside!

One last shot of me with those happy eyes

Lisa D.


Anke Martin said...

OH this looks wonderful! And all the get well wishes to your daughter.
Take care! Smiles, Anke :)

Parabolic Muse said...

This looks cool!
Well,not the weather... the painting!

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Anke & Chris

I also like your new little icon photos