Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Always in motion

 I've never kept a canvas unfinished for so long
I'm going on a year with this painting 
I have faith it will come together
at some point
Just may not be in 2012
 I had friends out yesterday and we decided to make little houses out of paper clay
 Of course I had no idea they would need a day or two to dry
 So everyone is meeting back here in 2 weeks to paint and decorate their creation

I'm spending my day working on my swirl commission

Have a great week

Lisa D.


Angela Recada said...

Those little houses look intriguing! I've been waiting for a canvas to tell me how to continue for a while, too. It finally told me yesterday. Yours will tell you how to proceed when the time is right. ;)

I hope your week is going well!

Lisa D. said...

Yes..patience is what they call I s'pose : )

Gloria said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for letting me know.How awesome that this puzzle is now with someone else, Yay! Have a great weekend. Love your little houses.